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We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

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This is the definitive and most informative documentary on the events that took place, on 12/14/12, in Sandy Hook, Ct.  If you don’t know that you were deceived by government officials and the main stream media on that fateful winter day, then it’s time you have your mind blown as you watch the truth unfold, minute by minute, within the 2 hours + of this film.

Coming up on the two year anniversary of this event,  I am pleased to present to you this collaborative effort by some excellent independent journalists that have worked very hard to get the truth out.  No money was collected in the making of this video. This effort was strictly a labor of love by these dedicated researchers that share the single minded belief that the public has the right to know the truth.  ~jg

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Jackboots in Asheville NC

By Puddy Dunne

So I saw my friend today after 48 hours in the slammer. His head bruised and battered, knots on his head and bruises down his arms.

Thursday morning he started his day driving from Asheville to a nearby town. A cruiser had pulled behind him and followed until moments later when the gumballs began to flash. My friend pulled over and when the thug got to his window my friend asked if he was speeding. Without a single word the thug opened his car door and ripped him out of his car, threw him violently to the ground while screaming to stop resisting the assault.

With threats of taser, several more Asheville thugs joined in the melee and began to beat him about the head while he lay on the ground. After the knee was applied to head on the asphalt and the cuffs were on they threatened him with arrest.

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Your tax dollars at work: Fresh Chemtrails

By Puddy Dunne

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The Last of the Mavericks

By Puddy Dunne
Coalition of the Obvious

It is rare for me to even acknowledge Congress as anything but elected lobbyists and globalists, but I have to mention one.

Stars and Stripes 4 sale was my site for the Clinton-Bush gang and I spent years following and cataloguing the Congressional shills. One of the few I had little ammunition against was Russ Feingold (WI).

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