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COTO filmmakers deserve special attention: Peter Zaza and Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher.

Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher

Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation (2011, 118 mins) The film will be screened at Chasharma Film Festival in NYC in November. Featuring interviews with David Icke, Max Igan, Freeman, Jordan Maxwell, Dr. George Rhodes, Ben Stewart and Charlie Veitch.

This Ain’t Oz an Interview with Freeman (2011, 205 mins) A special two day interview with Freeman of freemantv, the freeman perspective and the free zone.

Passing Through Shadow an Interview with Ben Stewart (2010, 126 mins) Ben is a musician and seminal documentary filmmaker. His films Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica are thoroughly researched and thought provoking, and I highly recommend them. Join us as we discuss his films and the nature of human consciousness and how this relates to the societies we have built.

COTO Report from Cambridge with Love: an Interview with Charlie Veitch, (2010, 83 mins). Interview with England’s activist, musician, comedian Charlie Veitch of The Love Police, who takes no prisoners in confronting the dominance paradigm.

COTO Report City of Angels: An Interview with Jordan Maxwell Occult symbolism from past to present. (2010, 89 mins)

COTO Report British Edition: An Interview with David Icke Audio interview with prolific author David Icke, one of the world’s leading researchers into the New World Order and the nature of reality. (2010, 170 mins)

COTO Report Goes Down Under: An Interview with Maxwell Igan Documentary filmmaker, musician and non-violent, non-compliance expert, Max Igan discusses the New World Order, corporatism, and effective resistance. (2010, 68 mins)

Peter Zaza

These Things I Promise by Barack Obama. The lying dancer in less than two minutes. (2010)

The 100th Monkey Once dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory, the truth about 9/11 has continued to spread far and wide. (2009, 3 mins.)

5 Monkeys Start with a cage containing 5 monkeys…. this story illustrates how human society keeps doing the same things over and over again because – “that’s the way things have always been done around here.” (2009, 2 mins.)

Marine Disclosure Project As long as there have been creatures who live in the sea, legends have been told about cruel monsters who dwell above the water.  (2009, 2 mins.)

Obama Promise Exposing the lie. (2009, 35-secs)

Obama Speaks 911 Truth for a Real Change In order to awaken the people about Obama’s agenda, Alex Jones organized a contest centered around the Obama as Joker poster. This was my entry for the competition.  (2009, 2 mins.)

Time Is Up This illustrates through photos and artwork an extract from Richard C. Cook’s title “Jesus on a White Horse.”  (2009, 2 mins.)

COTO recommends the following films:

Endgame (Jim Nichols, 2012, 62 mins.)

9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out (2012 Final Cut, 98 mins.)

Meltdown – The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse (2010, 180 mins)

7/7 Ripple Effect Shows the similarities between the terror training exercises on 9/11 in NYC and on 7/7/2005 in London, focusing on the evidence supporting the conclusion that 7/7 was also an inside job. (2007 57 mins.)

ZERO An Investigation into 9-11 Italian production company Telemaco explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government’s account. (2008 110 mins.)

End-Civ: Resist or Die A film by Franklin Lopez based on Derrick Jensen’s ENDGAME, Volumes 1 & 2. (2010, 75 mins)  Click here for screenings or to buy a DVD.

Palestine Is Still the Issue, John Pilger (2002, 54 mins)

911: Blueprint for Truth, Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth  (2008, 119 mins)

Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, Fluoride Action Network (2009, 28 mins)

Tapped, Stephanie Soechtig shows how corporate control of water, Nestle, specifically, threatens our survival. (2009, 76 mins)

Deceptions, Chris Pratt briefly covers 911, but then explores Bush-Obama as puppets, and their masters, the banksters. He looks deeply at world government and its plans to shut down the last venue of free speech that remains: the Internet. (2010, 78 mins)

Anatomy of a Disaster: 2005 Explosion at BP Texas City Refinery, The Chemical Safety Board reviews the details behind lax safety practices and faulty equipment that led to this deadly explosion. (2008, 56 mins)

Renaissance 2.0, The Council on Renewal presents six topics in 12 videos on the New World Order, which essentially began with the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve Bank: 1. Rise of Financial Power; 2 Debt: Imperial Power and Control; 3. Ownership; 4. Culture of Empire (in four parts); 5. Emerging Global Empire (in two parts); and 6. Brightening the Future (in three parts). (2010, 106 mins)

Nanothermite: What in the World is High-Tech Explosive Material Doing in the Dust Clouds Generated on 9/11/2001? Dr Steven Jones’ scientific presentation  in Sacramento, California, April 30, 2009. (60 mins)

Checkpoint Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir once served his army reserve duty as a checkpoint guard, inspiring him to make this film (2010, 80 mins)

Anthrax-War Roberto Coen’s award winning documentary uncovers hidden forces behind biowarfare and dead microbiologists, Bruce Ivins, Vladimir Pasechnik and David Kelly. (2009, 62 mins)

Counter-Intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations, Scott Noble’s 5-film series covering the über police state created and developed by America’s secret government. (2013, 7+ hours)

Human Resources Scott Noble explores social engineering (2010, 120 mins)

Psywar: The Real Battlefield Is the Mind Scott Noble explores US propaganda and the “elitist theory of democracy” juxtaposed with the idea that without economic equality there can never be political equality. (2010, 99 mins)

Spin, Brian Springer spent a year scouring the airwaves with a satellite dish grabbing back channel news feeds not intended for public consumption. (1995, 58 mins)

The Israel Lobby, Dutch Tegenlicht episode in response to controversy on John Meirsheimer and Stephen Walt’s 13,000-word article in London Review of Books. Features historian Tony Judt, among others, who question US allegience to Israel. The first 2 minutes are in Dutch, but the rest in English. (2007, 52 mins)

One Mainframe to Rule Them All: IBM, VeriChip and the Human Microchipping Agenda Faull Bros. (2009, 44 mins)

Kriegsversprechen (War Promises) English voiceover of German film questioning the War on Terror, 9/11, depleted uranium, and corporate/military destruction of the planet. (2009, 80 mins)

GasLandJosh Fox cataloged what is happening across the US as gas drilling has embraced hydraulic fracturing, developed by Halliburton. Tap water ignites, people get sick, animals die. Support the 2011 FRAC Act; Oppose HR 1380: No tax subsidies for fracking.  (2010, 103 mins)

Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara Iara Lee smuggled out this raw video from the May 31 seige on the high seas. (2010, 63 mins)

The Myths of Biofuels Lecture by David Fridley of Lawrence Berkeley Labs and San Francisco Oil Awareness. (2007, 89 mins)

Wake Up Call John Nada compiles the work of others into this lengthy catalog of evidence of an elite conspiracy for global domination. (2008, 150 mins)

War: Anybody’s Son Will Do Documentary inside the US Marine Corps, hailed as the best antiwar film on the market. (1983, 56 mins)

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown Alex Jones is featured in this documented theory that the US government is readying itself to intern thousands, if not millions, of US citizens. (2009, 90 mins)

Why We Fight Eugene Jarecki . Interviewing foot soldiers to Pentagon officials to Members of Congress, the film reveals the core philosophies of American military strategy. (2005, 97 mins)

The War on Democracy John Pilger film:  Set in Latin America and the US, it explores the historic and current relationship of Washington with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.  (2007, 94 mins)

Grass – The History of Marijuana Ron Mann offers an historical context for why our society is so confused about this wonderful and sacred plant.  (1999, 119 mins)

Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack H. Obama Alex Jones documents how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the US economy by design. (2009, 145 mins)

Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance Written and narrated by Maxwell Igan. (2008, 27 mins.)

The Obama Deception Alex Jones cuts thru Brand Obama. (2009, 114 mins)

9/11: Press for Truth Six courageous 9/11 family members, including three of the famous “Jersey Girls,” tell for the first time the powerful story of how they took on the greatest powers in Washington. (2006, 84 mins)  Or see 15-minute version, extracting the highlights.

Kill the Messenger Documents FBI translator Sibel Edmonds’ attempts to expose crime in the FBI and the federal government, including 9/11, drug trafficking, nuclear arms proliferation, and money laundering. (2007, 52 mins). Want-to-know type folks should watch her 5-hour deposition.

Sick for Profit by Brave New Films. (2009, 6 mins)

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety John Wellington Ennis exposes the questionable tactics that big drug companies use to make record profits by playing with the safety of our family’s health care. (2006, 51 mins)

Sicko Michael Moore weighs the plight of the uninsured (and the insured who must deal with abuse from insurance companies) against the record-breaking profits of the pharmaceutical industry. (2007, 123 mins)

We, Arundhati RoyNationalism of one kind or another was the cause of most of the genocideernet of the 20th century. Contemporary music overlaid throughout shifts the mood and quickens the pace. (2007, 65 mins)

History of the Internet 1957-1990 by Melih Bilgil (2009, 8 mins)

American Blackout, featuring Cynthia McKinney (2006, 90 mins)

Home Yann Arthus-Bertrand takes a slo-mo aerial tour of Earth, urging us to redirect our use of energy, agriculture, and transportation. (2009, 94 mins)


What in the World Are They Spraying, G. Edward Griffin, Michael J. Murphy, and Paul Whittenberger. (2010, 98 mins)

Environmental Deception Michael Murphy (2008, 20 mins). Link takes you to his speech at the May 2010 Belfort Symposium. At about 17 minutes into the video of his speech, the film is shown.

Don’t Talk About the Weather Weather control via HAARP and chemtrails affect all of us, yet governments are silent about the effects. 9/11, RFID chips and elite motives are also discussed. (2008, 241 mins)

Aerosol Crimes Clifford Carnicom on Chemtrails. (101 mins, 2005)

From corporate media:

Weather Warfare, The History Channel, 41 mins., 2009

Best Evidence: Chemical Contrails, The Discovery Channel, 60 mins., 10 Aug 2007

For reliable info on UFOs, see this portal.

Out of the Blue James Fox, Tim Coleman, Boris Zubov. (2002, 97 mins)

Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland Walt Disney Productions. (1995, 45 mins)


The World According to Monsanto Marie-Monique Robin exposes how a chemical manufacturer got into the food game by creating crops resistant to their pesticides.  (2008, 109 mins.)

Doctors on Water Fluoridation (2010)

Simply Raw: Reverse Diabetes (2009)

Food Matters James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch (2007, $5)

One Man, One Cow, One Planet Barbara and Thomas Burstyn, featuring Peter Proctor. What does an environmentally friendly biodynamic food system capable of feeding everyone actually look like? (2007, 98 mins)

Genetic Conspiracy (2006)

Unnatural Selection: GMOs Bertram Verhaag and Gabriele Kröber reveal several harsh consequences of genetic engineering worldwide. (2006, 60 mins)

The Future of Food Deborah Koons Garcia produced one of the first films to address genetically modified crops. (2004, 89 mins)

We Become Silent: The Last Days of Health Freedom Kevin P. Miller film. Judi Dench narrates this discussion of Codex Alimentarius. (2005, 29 mins)

Poison on the Platter Mahesh Bhatt and Ajay Kanchan show the dangers of genetically modified crops. (2008, 30 mins)

Life Running out of Control Bertram Verhaag – one of several films he’s made about genetically engineered food. (2004)

Deconstructing Supper Marianne Kaplan journeys into the billion-dollar battle to control global food production. (2002, 49 mins)

Plants for a Future Based on Ken Fern’s book, the film shows how, for a few hours each week, you can produce a medicinal, edible garden that also provides clothing and building material. (n.d. 48 mins)

Super Size Me Morgan Spurloch exposes the toxicity of fast food by eating only at McDonald’s while a physician tracks his health decline. (2004, 100 mins)

Sweet Misery, Cori Brackett and JT Waldron show how food “safety” authorities around the world, including here in the US, are fucking us up with aspartame, a neuroendocrine disrupter linked with blindness, diabetes and paralysis. (2006, 90 mins)

RELATED: A Silent Forest: The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees Dr. David Suzuki, an award-winning scientist and host of Canada’s The Nature of Things, narrates. Best Film: Forest Category, Earthvision Film Festival. Or buy it and support the cause. (2005, 45 mins.)

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