Oil Spill

Tracking the news on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster since BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, 2010.

Some other sites of interest:
Greenpeace Oil Spill Truth (on-site, ongoing investigation)
Florida Oil Spill Law Grabbing video, news & gov reports
New Orleans Ladder Posting updates from around the web
Sky Truth
The Oil Drum
Weather Underground
Portrait of the Gulf
Dirty Energy Money Links contributions with Congress

Wiki Timeline (Incomplete)
BP’s Deep Secrets (Special Reports by Mother Jones)
EnGULFed: Oil Spill Issue (Center for Biological Diversity)

Steven Seagal: How many oil spills can we endure? (Video and transcript from the film, On Deadly Ground, 1994)

Image by Tim O’Brien, Mother Jones


Oct. 24 BP gets new Gulf oil drilling permit amid 28,000 unmonitored abandoned wells, Rady Ananda

Oct. 18 Over 28,000 Abandoned Wells in the Gulf of Mexico, Sky Truth

Oct. 10 Gulf of Mexico Sea Floor Unstable, Fractured, Spilling Hydrocarbons (The Real Agenda or COTO Report)

Oct. 3 Environmental Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico: The Escalation of BP’s Liability, Dahr Jamail

Sept. 2 Oil Still Gushing from Bp Well in Gulf, American Free Press

Sept. 1 New evidence of a massive oil slick near Deepwater Horizon site, Raw Story

3/21 Obama approves Shell Oil deepwell drilling in Gulf of Mexico, Telegraph UK
3/7 NASA Data Strengthens Reports of Toxic Rain from BP Gulf Spill, HuffPo
3/4 BP oil spill may be responsible for dolphin deaths, Guardian UK
2/23 Dead Baby Dolphins Washing up along Gulf Coast at 10 Times Normal Rate, Biloxi Sun Herald
1/27 Dispersant failed to degrade in Gulf of Mexico Woods Hole Institute
1/23 BP’s spilled oil is washing up in people Institute For Southern Studies
1/21 BP Genetically Modifying the Gulf of Mexico Blue Plague.org
1/20 BP’s Corexit moves up Atlantic Seaboard, 100s of pelicans die various sources
1/7 Corexit? Phosgene gas? What Else? Now over 30 mass kills around the globe COTO Report


12/26 The Gulf of Mexico is Dying Global Research
12/19 USA sues BP, et al. but not well-cementer Halliburton Natural News
11/29 Global group sues BP for Gulf of Mexico spill under Ecuador’s Rights of Nature clause press release
10/27 ‘People are Dropping Dead’ from BP Dispersants: Toxicologist Al Jazeerah

9/26 Thousands along the Gulf Coast Suffer ‘BP Crud’ Locust Fork News
9/22 Can you dig it? COTO Report
9/22 Gulf seafood poses long-term health risks, experts say, Raw Story
9/22 BP Mercenaries in Fatigues Spraying Dispersants from Carolina Skiffs, Alexander Higgins

9/21 The Oil and the Turtles, Vanity Fair
9/20 BP might change name to Amoco, Epoch Times
9/19 Obama Oil Spill Commission blocks sampling by scientists and news crews, Florida Oil Spill videos
9/18 BP and CEOs Fight the Laws, COTO Report
9/14 Blame BP? Massive ‘Unusual’ Fish Kill Reported in Louisiana, Grant Lawrence
9/13 Evidence Mounts of BP Spraying Toxic Dispersants, TruthOut
9/10 Scientists find thick layer of oil on seafloor for 100s of square miles, NPR
9/09 What a BOEMRE: New report cites litany of problems of offshore drilling regulatory agency, Mother Jones
9/08 BP investigation cites multiple failures, but not well’s design, Miami Herald
9/08 Oil politics: More cover-up than clean-up, Pambazuka News
9/06 From the Gulf Stream to the Bloodstream, Project Gulf Impact
9/05 Overwhelming Majority of Studies Find that Dispersants Slow Growth of Oil-Eating Microbes, Washington’s Blog
9/03 Is BP Blackmailing the Feds? Mother Jones
8/30 With Neighbors Unaware, Toxic Spill at a Texas BP Plant, NYTimes
8/30 Lab Report Confirms Highly Toxic Levels of Corexit in Sickened Family’s Pool (Florida Oil Spill Law)
8/29 Local Official: Up to 350,000,000 gallons of oil released by BP’s blow-out (Pensacola News Journal)
8/28 No BP investigation, the Senate blocked it (Dateline Zero)
8/25 “We’re seeing way more dispersant than ever before” Large, thick oil plumes, freshly sprayed with poison (Intel Hub)
8/24 Is Shell Buying the Oil Spill Investigation in Nigeria? (Planet Green)
8/24 Thousands of dead fish reported at mouth of Mississippi (France 24)
8/23 Opened Gulf still soaked with oil; dispersants still being used (Democracy Now!)
8/23 Environmental Disaster in the Gulf. How Has it Come to This? (Global Research)
8/20 Mississippi Shrimpers Refuse to Trawl Fearing Oil, Dispersants (IPS)
8/19 NOAA chief scientist retracts assurances over success of cleanup: 75% of oil remains in Gulf (Guardian)
8/17 Is Gulf Seafood Really Safe? (Mother Jones)
8/16 Health Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill (Journal of the American Medical Assn)
8/16 Univ. of Georgia scientists: Gulf oil not gone, 80 pct remains (WaPo)
8/12 Corporate criminals and their accomplices: BP and MMS (Socialist Worker)
8/12 Gulf Health Problems Blamed on Dispersed Oil (IPS)
8/11 Marine toxicologist combats Gulf ‘crime scene secrecy’ with independent study group (Rady Ananda, COTO Report)
8/10 NOAA Tried to Silence Reports of Undersea Oil Plumes (Mother Jones)
8/7 BP’s Insidious Coverup and Propaganda Campaign: Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Global Research)
8/7 RELATED: Michigan oil spill 9/11 Calls and Timeline (Michigan Messenger)
8/6 ‘Death Gyre’ in the Gulf: BP-NOAA cover up massive kill (Mother News Network)
8/5 Gulf oil blowout: White House accused of spinning report (The Guardian)
8/4 Crime of the Century: What BP and the US Gov Don’t Want You to Know (HuffPo)
8/4 NOAA denies findings from Gulf oil research vessels it funded (Nature News)
8/3 Obama administration’s scientists admit alarm over chemicals (The Guardian)

BP explodes dead whales so they don't wash ashore

7/31 BP withdraws cleanup assets from La. tho beaches still oiled (Florida Oil Spill Law)
7/31 CONFIRMED: Corexit in blue crab larvae (Florida Oil Spill Law)
7/29 FDA opens La. state waters to fishing YUM!! (FDA)
7/28 Boat crash: New spill in GOM (Adelaide,  AU)
7/28 BP Seeks $10 Billion Tax Cut on Cleanup Costs (Wall Street Journal)
7/23 Remote Area Medical to give free oil spill healthcare in New Orleans Aug 27-29 (COTO Report)
7/21 RELATED: Oil spill in Dalian, China (in pictures) (Boston Globe)
7/20 EPA Whistleblower Accuses Agency of Covering Up Effects of Dispersant in BP Oil Spill Cleanup (Democracy Now!)
7/20 BP Oil Poisons the Gulf of Mexico’s Food Chain (IPS)
7/18 The Source of Our Despair in the Gulf (TruthOut)
7/16 BP and NOAA buy scientific silence (Press-Register)
7/16 Water ‘sample exploded’ when chemist tested for oil; ‘Most likely’ methane or Corexit (WKRG)
7/16 NOAA Admits Toxic Corexit Dispersants May Be in Seafood (Alexander Higgins)
7/15 Gulf Seafood Not Tested for Toxic Dispersants (Rady Ananda, COTO Report)
7/13 Dire Realities of the Methane Predicament in the Gulf of Mexico (Before It’s News)
7/11 Photos and video (Washington’s Blog)
7/10 Bomb Explodes at Oil Executive’s Home (ABC News)
7/9 Toxicologists: Corexit ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding, allows oil to penetrate cells and organs (Washington’s Blog)
7/7 Dispersants explode red blood cells; Oil inhibits breathing (Mother Jones)
7/6 30 Facts Evidencing Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned‏ (Healthy World)
7/1 Is BP Hiding Seriously Ill Clean-Up Workers? (Booman Tribune)
7/1 Restraining the Profit Itch (Bob Koehler, COTO Report)

6/30 Whale sharks doomed: Unable to avoid oil spill (Press-Register)
6/27 40 miles of Florida beaches seeping with oil; Tropical Storm Alex to hit GOM today (Various sources)
6/25 Burned Alive – Help Stop BP from Torching Endangered Sea Turtles (Center for Biological Diversity)
6/25 Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal vetoes bill to open oil spill records (Miami Herald)
6/24 RELATED: BP dumps gravel in Alaska sea; gets exempt from offshore drilling ban (NYTimes)
6/24 Beyond Petroleum (Bob Koehler, COTO Report)
6/22 It’s raining oil in Metro New Orleans (New Orleans citizen video)
6/22 Judge who overturned drilling moratorium owned stock in drilling companies (Yahoo! News)
6/22 Oily judge lifts Obama ban on deepwater drilling (Bloomberg News)
6/22 Toxic oil waste being dumped in non hazardous landfill in Florida (WCTV)
6/21 Large detailed topo maps of spill site and GOM (Global Research)
6/21 It Is Our Gulf of Mexico, Not BP’s (Dissident Voice)
6/19 Kindra Arnesen: Gulf Emergency Summit 19 June 2010 (Gulf Emergency Summit)
6/19 Gulf oil spill: A Hole in the World (Guaridan UK)
6/19 The Final End of the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm (Atlantic Free Press)
6/19 Methane is newest BP oil spill threat for Gulf of Mexico (Huliq)
6/18 Big Oil – First Nigeria then the World (Michael Collins, COTO Report)
6/17 Kick Ass or Buy Gas: How Taxpayers Are Subsidizing BP’s Disaster Through the Pentagon (Tom Dispatch)
6/17 Did the BP oil well really blow out in February? (Washington’s Blog)
6/17  Sea Creatures Flee Oil Spill, Gather Near Shore (AP)
6/17 Ancient Oceans (Bob Koehler, COTO Report)
6/16 The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Is Making a Lot of People Really Sick (The American Dream)
6/16 Cultural Extinction: Louisiana’s Coastal Communities Fear They May Never Recover (Black Agenda Report)
6/16 The Sovereign State of BP – Down for the Count? (Michael Collins, COTO Report)
6/15 A grim technical view on the BP Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (The Oil Drum)
6/14 BP: Texas Tea or Gulf Coast Coffee (Betsy L. Angert, COTO Report)
6/13 –6/13″>VIDEO: Oil Leaks from Gulf Seabed Cracks at BP’s Well Site (Antemedius)
6/13 Florida Panhandle Battles 2 Massive Oil Plumes (Gov Monitor)
6/13 BP Sitting on GIS Data in Houston (Richard Volaar, COTO Report)
6/10 The short film BP and the Government doesn’t want you to see (OlmosProductions; Save our Gulf)
6/10 Gulf Oil Spill ‘Could Go Years’ If Not Dealt With (Financial Sense)
6/10 BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage (San Francisco Chronicle)
6/8 The Spill, the Scandal and the President (Rolling Stones)
6/8 Flyover confirms Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Saratoga rig is leaking (Business Insider)
6/8 Senator Bill Nelson: Multiple holes in seabed leaking oil (Blacklisted News)
6/7 Another scientist says 100,000 barrels a day (McClatchy)
6/6 Mother Earth to Billions, We Have a Problem (Betsy L. Angert, COTO Report)
6/5 Earth Justice sues MMS for phony BP clean up plan (Gulf Restoration Network)
6/4 Can’t wait for CorpoGov? Remove oil safely without toxic dispersants (Rady Ananda, COTO Report)
6/3 Michio Kaku: Hurricanes to dump oil all over the South, Nuke option bad idea (MSNBC)
6/3 BP political bribes spike in May (Think Progress)
6/2 Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill (Raw Story)
6/2 Yes, Obama is ‘Engaged’ – in a Colossal Crime (Black Agenda Report)
6/2 BP Oil Leak May Last Until Christmas (Bloomberg)
6/2 Lawsuit Seeks Full Disclosure of Dispersant Impacts (Center for Biological Diversity)
6/1 Six weeks later, Obama opens criminal investigation (NY Times)

5/31 New evidence of criminal negligence prior to explosion (WSWS)
5/30 RELATED: Nigeria’s agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it (Guardian UK)
5/30 What a hurricane would do (Weather Underground)
5/29 Ten things you need (but don’t want) to know about the BP oil spill (Global Research)
5/29 BP bans flight photos BP now controls our AIRSPACE?!? (AP)
5/28 Scientists Oppose Nano-Dispersant for Gulf (AOL News)
5/28 Prominent Oil Industry Insider: ‘There’s Another Leak, Much Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away’ (Global Research)
5/28 Obama’s press conference: Lies and evasions in defense of BP (WSWS)
5/28 3 Monkeys (LaughnMatter, COTO Report)
5/27 BP rejects hair booms, prefers ‘other methods’ (Gatehouse Media)
5/27 Is it raining oil in Tampa? (Sign of the Times)
5/27 Gov says up to 800,000 gallons/day CorpoGov
5/26 Matt Simmons says 5 million gallons/day Youtube interview on MSNBC Dylan Ratigan
5/27 New giant plume spotted: 27 miles long (AP)
5/27 NOAA predicts very active to hyperactive hurricane season (Weather Underground)
5/26 125 oil recovery ships recalled after crews become ill (Times Picayune)
5/26 Obama fiddles while the Gulf dies (Homeland Security Today)
5/26 Fine BP $100mn/day & Jail ’em -Lt.Gen. Honore on CNN
5/26 BP shirks health bill of sick cleanup workers (Los Angeles Times)
5/26 BP Alaska shut down after spill (Upstream)
5/25 Rachel Maddow- The more spills change, the more they stay the same (MSNBC)
5/25 The monster Gulf of Mexico spill in 1979 (Reuters)
5/24 Toxic Oil Spill Rains Could Destroy North America (EU Times)
5/24 Oil bubbles up from beneath the La. sands (Mother Jones)
5/24 Louisiana orders barriers built despite Feds (Times Picayune)
5/24 The White House, Big Oil, and the ‘American Power Act’ (Mike Collins, COTO Report)
5/24 Oil bypasses booms in La. (McClatchey)
5/24 Cleanup research isn’t profitable (USA Today)
5/23 New seabed eruption VIDEO. Monkeyfister wonders if they witnessed a seabed eruption. Also see discussion at The Oil Drum.
5/23 Obama’s 10 Failures (San Francisco Chronicle)
5/22 Extent of BP oil: 5/22/10 Situation Status map (Rady Ananda, COTO Report)
5/22 Key West builds community response to BP spill; State of Emergency declared (Rady Ananda, COTO Report)
5/22 Not So Bright Future (Laughnmatter, COTO Report)
5/21 BP rejects EPA ban on 2-butoxyethanol (Times Picayune)
5/20 Cleaning crew getting sick (Common Dreams)
5/20 Revelations 8.8 (Laughnmatter, COTO Report)
5/20 EPA bans BP use of 2-butoxyethanol (EPA)
5/20 Only Big Oil polices Big Oil (Daily Comet)
5/19 Goldman Sachs owns toxic dispersant maker (Picasso Dreams)
5/19 VIDEO: BP & Coast Guard threaten arrest for filming oil (Ante Medius)
5/18 BP won’t measure spill (The Atlantic)
5/18 4 mn gallons/day (McClatchy)
5/18 A BP Kind of Sunset (Laughnmatter, COTO Report)
5/18 Depth of damage to sealife, (New Scientist)
5/17 Criminal Negligence: Despite Knowing It Had a Damaged Blowout Preventer, BP STILL Cut Corners By Removing the Single Most Important Safety Measure (Washington’s Blog)
5/17 Is BP Atlantis Next? (Pro Publica)
5/17 Loop Current takes oil East (Sky Truth)
5/16 One oil trail 10 miles long (Daily Mail)
5/16 Oil destruction worldwide (McClatchy)
5/16 Too Big to Exist (TBE) – Big Oil (Mike Collins, COTO Report)
5/14 Closer to 3 mn gallons/day (CNN)
5/13 BP: The Unfinished Tale of Imperialism (Global Research)
5/13 Dark Green (Bob Koehler, COTO Report)
5/12 ‘Unprecedented’ use of subsea dispersant to combat BP oil disaster (Rady Ananda, COTO Report)
5/12 Greenwash Of The Week: Conservation Group ‘Gulf of Mexico Foundation’ (The Good Human)
5/11 WMR: Volcanic-like eruption of oil in Gulf (Oil Price)
5/10 210,000 Gallons Per Day?! Right. We’re Idiots. (Richard Volaar, COTO Report)
5/8 The Gulf oil spill: An American Chernobyl (WSWS)
5/5 Cost of Doing Business: BP’s $730 million in fines, settlements + 2 criminal convictions (Public Citizen Energy)
4/9 British campaigner urges UN to accept ‘ecocide’ as international crime (Guardian UK)

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