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Disposable Gods

Tiger's Tail

By Robert C. Koehler

Read the tabs — watch the tube — if you want to know how a society that has lost its religiosity can still engage with the deities. The eerily appropriate term “celebrity worship” is evidence of the extent to which we’ve improved on Greek culture: We’ve invented disposable gods.

Tiger, Tiger . . .

I take our media obsession with Tiger Woods far more seriously than I do the specifics I’ve so far managed to learn, against my will, on the status of his marriage, facial injuries and mistress count. And the sad thing isn’t the lonely get-a-lifers who eagerly consume the gossip and titillation, but the industry that feeds them, that creates the pseudo-immortality of fame in the first place.

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Ads for Comcast and Coke on Progressive News Sites More Harmful Than You’d Think

Online media face tough financial decisions… but when it comes to accepting ads for products or companies we condemn, let’s not pretend we’re not supporting them.

By Meg White

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