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Who’s afraid of a Palestinian State?

By Bob Row

On Feb.16 a summit to be held at Lima, Peru will be attended by nine South American leaders and eleven Arab chiefs of state to discuss a proposal of declaration by the first, recognizing an independent Palestinian State.

Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia  recently recognized a Palestine State along borders prior to the 1967 war, including East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Chile also did it, but without reference to a map. Others are yet to decide (Venezuela and Uruguay favor to agree).

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Ankara bristles at White House arms ultimatum claim

By Michael Collins

It appears that the United States is winning friends and influencing people all over the world. This exchange is not acknowledged by either government, but the report has the ring of truth to it. The US is the world’s leading arms exporter and the president is, alas, the arms pusher in chief. Now we’re trying to shove around a NATO ally, the second largest armed force in that alliance, and an emerging world power. Why is it that our  leaders are so different than the citizens?  I don’t know any business people who  would take such an arrogant approach to a friend and excellent customer. Amazing, as the fools lead us to decline.

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