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How many things could a child find wrong in this vaccine picture?


Guest Blogged by S. Stone

Recently, an advisory panel to the Centers for Disease Control unanimously voted to mandate vaccines for all those over six months of age. The H1N1 vaccines are not “just like regular flu vaccines” as the government insists, but contain nanoparticles, making them highly experimental. Mandating their use means forcing people into a medical experiment in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

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Bell Tolling for the Swine Flu: Video Interview with Theresa Forcades, MD

Video interview with Theresa Forcades, MD, September 23, 2009
Spanish with English subtitles, in six parts, 55 mins.
A Report by Alicia Ninou and Judith Abadias

Theresa Forcades I Vila has a degree in medicine from the University of Barcelona; specializing in internal medicine at New York State University; a PhD in public health from the University of Barcelona; and a degree in theology from Harvard University. After working for many years in the medical field, she later became a Benedictine Nun.

Dr. Forcades reflects on the history, and gives scientific data on, A/H1N1, listing serious irregularities related to the swine flu. She explains the social and political consequences of the declaration of a pandemic, while counseling folks to remain calm.  She calls for an urgent activation of all legal mechanisms to prevent mandatory vaccination, and the participation of all citizens in this matter.

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