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Again, hundreds of Beebe birds die despite fireworks ban



UPDATES below.

By Rady Ananda

Another New Years Eve, another mass bird kill. On December 31, 2011, Beebe police chief Wayne Ballew initiated an emergency ban on fireworks around 7:15 pm after receiving reports of dead birds.

Little Rock television station KATV showed a radar image of a large mass over the Arkansas town and said that hundreds of birds had died, reports the Associated Press. Other news reports indicate only “dozens” were found.

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God Says Bird Deaths are His Doing

Michael Collins

(Washington, DC) The galactic deity, also known as God, offered an exclusive interview to Dan Rather, yesterday. He cleared up the story about the the thousands of dead birds that fell from the sky over central Arkansas last week and hinted at his plans for some more surprises across the United States.

Dan Rather: Your holiness, what’s happening with the dead birds in Arkansas?

God: Please, Dan, just call me God. I decided to create some serious wish fulfillment for certain people in the United States.

DR: I don’t understand?
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Massive fish kill and 1000s of birds fall from the sky in Arkansas

Jan 6. UPDATE: Fracking the life out of Arkansas and beyond

Jan. 3 UPDATE: New numbers: 100,000 drum fish die along 20 mile corridor of Arkansas River.  At least 5,000 re-winged blackbirds have died in Beebe, per NY Daily News.

By various sources

On Thursday, Dec. 30, the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission reported a massive fish kill in Roseville, along the Arkansas River. But only a single species is involved: drum fish. The next day, AGFC received reports that about two thousand black birds fell from the sky 125 miles east in Beebe. Again, only a single species is involved and only in a one-square mile area.

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