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Selling Blackwater Xe doesn’t solve the problem of psychopathic contractors

How the U.S. government thinks that Eric Prince is the sole problem with using taxpayer dollars to rent psycho killers is beyond the comprehension of normal humans.  But, no one accuses elites of having morals or a conscience.

Blackwater Founder in Deal to Sell Company

New York Times Book Deal

Erik D. Prince, the founder of the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, has reached a deal to sell his embattled firm to a small group of investors based in Los Angeles who have close ties to Mr. Prince, according to people briefed on the deal.

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Blackwater/Xe Conducts False Flag Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal

WMR has learned from a deep background source that Xe Services, the company formerly known as Blackwater, has been conducting false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan that are later blamed on the entity called “Pakistani Taliban.”

Only recently did the US State Department designate the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), also known as the Pakistani Taliban, a terrorist group. The group is said by the State Department to be an off-shoot of the Afghan Taliban, which had links to “Al Qaeda” before the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

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Schools in Orange Jumpsuits

Photo at pasadenaweekly.com

By Robert C. Koehler

The image that flashed into my mind was: schools in orange jumpsuits.

Something has broken apart in our society — an unspoken agreement about sanity, a truce between play and order. The authoritarian strain, always present, of course, has been ratcheting up to ever more absurd levels for a decade now.

It’s as though, as the American political class has watched its real control over the course of events slowly ebb, a collusion of desperation has broken out among them: “The time of fun and waste is over,” as the 9/11 terrorists put it. As our problems get increasingly complex, the solutions we implement get more and more simplistic. Results don’t really matter, just the appearance of holding someone accountable.

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