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BP Mercenaries in Fatigues Spraying Dispersants from Carolina Skiffs (Photos)

By Alexander Higgins

Some people questioned the credibility of bloggers who ran the story and the chemist who reported “BP mercenaries in fatigues were spraying dispersants from Carolina Skiffs” as part of black ops to coverup the BP Gulf Oil Spill. New photographs reveal the truth after all. 

I previously ran a few stories about an independent chemist being harassed by BP ThugsWashington’s Blog followed up and confirmed the chemist’s statement who stated that BP Mercenaries wearing camouflage fatigues were spraying Corexit

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BP ultimatum: Let us drill or funds will dry up

By Daniel Tencer
Raw Story

Oil giant BP is telling lawmakers that if it isn’t allowed to get new offshore drilling permits in the Gulf, it will not be able to afford to pay for the damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the New York Times reported in its Friday edition. The Times reports the UK-based oil giant is on the warpath against a drilling reform bill passed by the House earlier this summer that would effectively bar BP from getting new drilling permits in the US.

The CLEAR Act, passed by the House in July, includes an amendment (PDF) that states any oil company that has received more than $10 million in safety fines, or has seen more than 10 workers killed in the past seven years, is barred from being granted new drilling permits. The Times notes that, currently, only BP fits that criteria.

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Toxic oil waste being dumped in non hazardous landfill in Florida


Oil Related Waste Continues to Arrive at Spring Hill Landfill, CBS Channel 2 WCTV Tallahassee, June 22, 2010:

The Spring Hill Landfill is… receiving the oil-related waste.

“We’ve already been receiving some waste from other areas anyways, we’re prepared for anything that may come,” says District Manager Jeff Massey.

Management says the oil waste is not greatly affecting the day-to-day operations and are stressing the material is not a hazard.

“This is a non-hazardous waste site and it’s being brought here for the impeccable track record for what this landfill has, we have double liner systems and all kinds of safeguards in place that just makes sense that spring hill would be the landfill.”

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