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Decline and Fall (Maybe) Feb 7

Michael Collins


Walk Like an Egyptian Better yet, imagine that you’re walking in their shoes and think about how you’d feel about the United States.  If you’re 48 years old, Mubarak has been your “president”, read dictator since your 18th birthday.

You have seen election after election stolen by Mubarak and his cronies.  You’ve seen the police assume the power to intimidate any opposition to Mubarak.  If you’re enough of a threat due to enlightened political views or there’s a member of the police who has a personal grudge, you worry about being harassed, beaten, and tortured.  Your country has made little economic progress.  You can leave Egypt but you stay.  Your future is limited unless you belong to the very small financial elite.  When you and tens of millions of others for similar or more pressing reasons have finally had enough, a rebellion breaks out which rivets the entire world’s attention on the demand for self-determination and basic human rights. Continue reading