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Occupy Boca Raton Airport 10 am Saturday

Corporate Welfare Takes Wing at Boca Raton Airport  [Image]

10 AM Saturday, Oct. 15
3300 Airport Road
Boca Raton, Florida

Let corporate welfare recipients hear our displeasure with taxpayer underwriting of their jets.

Over the last two years, Boca airport lost $650,000 because users don’t even cover current operating expenses.

But don’t worry, dear corporate welfare recipient.  Big government is there when you need it.  The airport received over ten million in government subsidies in 2009 and 2010 alone.

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Wall Street’s 10 Greatest Lies of 2009

By Nomi Prins,      AlterNet December 28, 2009.

Lies that justify screwing over Main Street.

On December 13, President Obama declared that he was not elected to help the “fat cats.” But the cats got another version of that memo.

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