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August To June; Bringing Life to Palm Beach Schools


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As any Mom or Dad might do on Parent Teacher Conference Day, Amy Valens, the Educator featured in the documentary film August To June, traveled from “classroom to classroom.” This journey was not a conventional one. Indeed, Amy did not attend a series of Parent Teacher Conferences. What she did was appear at Palm Beach screenings of her documentary. The film follows twenty-six [26] third and fourth graders who studied with Amy in her last year of teaching. The open classroom, within a public school, “Brings Life” to education.

After the movie was viewed, Ms Valens and the audiences engaged in conversations. They discussed what they saw and how it might relate to a broader dialogue. The subjects of Education Reform, Classroom Standards, Teacher Quality, Merit Pay, Student-Rewards for Success, Parent Involvement, and Testing are but a few topics prominent in our national debate. While the assemblies of viewers varied widely, the results were the same. Every child, every class, all Teachers, and each parent, tells a unique tale. Regardless of the individual or group, we see the world, or in this case the film, through our own lens. Continue reading

The Healing Walls

By Robert C. Koehler

“There’s something about creating beauty that reaches people and that in the end gives us hope that things can change. . . . It shifts the consciousness of a neighborhood.”

Sometimes people really mean what they say.

An extraordinary documentary, “Concrete, Steel and Paint,” takes us on a journey of transformation — and it goes the long way, the honest way, through the shoals of anger and mistrust that separate social opposites. The film is about prisoners in a maximum security facility outside Philadelphia. It’s also about crime victims, women and men damaged — driven, in some cases, to the edge of “why go on living?” — by the murder of a loved one, by sexual assault, by some deep violation.

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Film suppression spawns media storm over land grab from Uyghurs

Uyghur activist Rebiya Kadeer and her daughter (New Matilda)

Uyghur activist Rebiya Kadeer and her daughter (New Matilda)

When the Chinese gov learned that The Ten Conditions of Love would be screened in Australia, it pressured the Melbourne International Film Festival to withdraw it. This, on top of the July 5th genocide of Uyghurs (up to 10,000 have ‘disappeared’), has brought global attention to this Uyghur documentary starring Rebiya Kadeer, labeled a “Muslim terrorist” by the Chinese government.

This is eerily reminiscent of the neoliberal land grab in New Orleans, and in Gaza.  ~RA

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Annul Victory: Same Sex Marriage documentary

According to ManMadeMultiMedia, the battle for LGBT civil rights is told through the life and experiences of ROBIN TYLER and DIANE OLSON, one of 14 couples involved in the historic California litigation, with a look at some of the 18,000 couples who got married during the window of legality between May and November, 2008.  

See the trailer below:

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The Yes Men Fix the World Premieres Tonight at 9 PM

yesmen_252x190Have You Met the Yes Men?

Meet Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, the Yes Men. According to the Yes Men’s website, their goals are “impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humilate them.”

Watch the mayhem unfold tonight at 9 PM, only on HBO.

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