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Dead Baby Dolphins Washing up along Gulf Coast at 10 Times Normal Rate

Researcher Rhiannon Blake prepares to measure a male baby dolphin discovered Monday in Gulfport, Miss. (James Edward Bates)

By Karen Nelson
Biloxi Sun Herald

Baby dolphins, some barely 3 feet in length, are washing up along the Mississippi and Alabama coastlines at 10 times the normal rate of stillborn and infant deaths, researchers are finding.

The Sun Herald has learned that [18] young dolphins, either aborted before they reached maturity or dead soon after birth, have been collected along the shorelines.

The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies performed necropsies, animal autopsies, on two of the babies Monday. Moby Solangi, director of the institute, called the high number of deaths an anomaly and said it is significant, especially in light of the BP oil spill throughout the spring and summer last year.

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