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The Institutionalization of Evil

Prescott, George and the Space Between

By Richard Volaar

Evil has reached the level of a public health crisis in our country and throughout the world. Those who have demonstrated and displayed the mendacity and atrociousness inherent in their public and private acts need to be quarantined immediately.

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Netanyahu’s UN Speech – The Pathology of Evil


Gilad Atzmon    09/30/09

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech at the UN is a major insight into the Israeli’s mentality, psyche and logic. In his speech Netanyahu, a prolific and charismatic speaker, gives air to his genocidal inclinations, he brings to light the Israeli supremacy but he also allows us to detect some shaky and vulnerable spots at the heart of the Jewish national narrative. Reading Netanyahu’s speech makes it very clear that both the Zionist Shoa and the ‘promised land’ narratives are on the verge of collapse.

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