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NY Cops Uphold Constitution: Refuse to Arrest Occupiers

Defying the orders of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Albany mayor Gerald Jennings, New York state troopers and Albany police refused to enforce a park curfew where an estimated 700 Occupy Albany protesters are camped, reports The Times Union.

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Chicago police must pay $330,000 for killing dog in home raid

By Liz Goodwin
The Lookout

A federal jury says Chicago law enforcement must pay $330,000 to a family after officers shot their dog during a home raid that turned up no illegal activity.

Thomas Russell, then 18, opened the door to his home in February 2009 to find police officers with their guns drawn. He asked if he could lock up his 9-year-old black labrador, named Lady, before letting the officers inside. The Chicago Tribune describes what happened next:

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Jackboot North American strategy to deny right to mass protest

By The Real News Network

Michael Ratner: “There is a North America-wide strategy to take away the right to mass protest.”

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AZ Town Goes under Martial Law after State of Emergency Declared during Illegal Secret Meeting

Jennifer Jones is Arrested at City Council Meeting

July 15 Update: Quartzsite City Council Ousts Mayor; Claims Right to Secret Meetings; $5 million in secret payments at issue

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By Alex Thomas
The Intel Hub

Quartzsite, Arizona, the town now infamous for arresting a citizen for speaking during a public city council meeting, has apparently declared martial law. This, according to Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster, happened after a secret meeting was held during which the city council voted in favor of declaring a state of emergency.

Jennifer Jones, the woman who has gone on a full scale crusade against corruption in the small town of 3,600, posted an urgent update on her blog The Desert Freedom Press.

“At about noon today [Sunday, July 10], the town council, at the request of the police chief, declared an official state of emergency. Sgt Xavier Frausto was dressed in tactical gear when he and the police chief demanded the mayor get in their car,” wrote Jones.

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