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World Revolution Not Seen on TV: Rallies Around the World

Uploaded by on Mar 26, 2011

Worldwide rallies cry for peace and gather in solidarity. Western media ignores these peaceful gatherings and if they report, they focus on a few who act out (negatively). They don’t show you the thousands of videos taken by real people around the world chanting for peace and freedom. Search YouTube today and you will find the streets around the world filled with people, standing up against tyranny, oppression, and NWO control. They are begging Americans to wake up too!!

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Constitutional Judo

By Giordano Bruno
Neithercorp Press

In all things, there exists a ‘point of balance’; a line that, if crossed, results in the sudden and expedient loss of our self-determinism and makes us subservient to the fickle whims of social, political, and physical gravity. We are “thrown” into the air, as it were, and the landing is rarely ever pleasant. The U.S. Constitution and the civil liberties it outlines is itself one of these historic points of balance.

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Important Philosophical Truths Just Ahead…

Remember back in elementary school when they told us (or, at least they used to) that there was a huge controversy as to whether or not our world was flat or round?

As an adult, did it ever occur to you how idiotic the human response to new information back then was? Do you really believe that the human response to new information is any better, today, than it was just a few hundred years ago? If so, what has been the key improvement in our response to new information today? If not, what is the present day “flat earth” nonsense argument that is cherry-picking the available information, while bypassing a huge amount of information in the process, only to arrive at a conclusion that is both nonsensical as well as predictable? Continue reading

COTO Report Goes Down Under: An Interview with Maxwell Igan

By Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher

On behalf of COTO Report, I am pleased to present this 68-minute interview with documentary filmmaker, musician and non-violent non-compliance expert, Max Igan.

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Notes from Mutant Message from Forever

By Jayne Lemon
Art by Casa Zaza

Last week I picked up a book that I’d read awhile ago, Mutant Message from Forever, published in 1998 and it opened to page 248. It’s about the Australian aboriginal people, written by Marlo Morgan and dedicated to Burnum Burnum, Elder of Wurundjeri Tribe.

I’m still grappling with this wisdom; see what you think:

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Flu experts warn of ‘irrational’ vaccine worry


Responding to a Reuters article about “vaccine worry”, Richard Moore introduces us to the First Law of Hoopla.

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