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Castro: World Peace Hanging by a Thread

Photo released by Iranian Fars News Agency shows Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, who was killed in a bomb blast in Tehran, Iran, on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, with his son.

By Fidel Castro

I am convinced that Iran will not commit any rash actions that might contribute to setting off a war. If a war were to be unleashed, it would inevitably be completely as a result of the recklessness and congenital irresponsibility of the Yankee Empire, writes former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.

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Who Are the Top 1%?

Dr. Eowyn
Fellowship of the Minds

“Those who don’t know the game or are assets and manipulators of  the game will want to ‘endorse’ people and organisations they say they support  in cleaning up America – but they will be the very people and groups that are  systematically destroying America.”David Icke, October 16, 2011

The movement that began as Occupy Wall Street in New York has spread to other cities across America as well as countries.  In Italy, the Occupiers instigated a riot in Rome, torching cars and smashing windows, which required armed police to be brought in.

In the name of equity, the Occupiers say they are the 99% opposed to the top 1%, the filthy rich. So who are America’s Top 1%?

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Conversations with Fidel Castro: The Dangers of a Nuclear War

Conversations with Fidel Castro: The Dangers of a Nuclear War
By Fidel Castro Ruz and Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research

Introductory Note

From October 12 to 15, 2010, I had extensive and detailed discussions with Fidel Castro in Havana, pertaining to the dangers of nuclear war, the global economic crisis and the nature of the New World Order. These meetings resulted in a wide-ranging and fruitful interview.

The first part of this interview published by Global Research and Cuba Debate focuses on the dangers of nuclear war.

The World is at a dangerous crossroads. We have reached a critical turning point in our history.

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Nuclear Winter and Peace

By Fidel Castro

More than 20,000 nuclear weapons are in the hands of eight countries —the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, China, Israel, India and Pakistan— some of which have significant economic, political and religious differences. The new START treaty, signed in Prague in April 2010 by the biggest nuclear powers, only represents an illusion with regards to the situation threatening humanity.

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238 Reasons to Be Worried

By Fidel Castro
August 28, 2010 Cuba.cu
Reposted at CounterCurrents

We are living in an exceptional moment of human history. Starting from a period in which it was divided into Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History. Not the history we were studying in school 75 years ago but the history brilliantly described by Karl Marx as Pre-history. That would be the result of the incredible growth of productive forces, with contributions by science and technology, and its impact on the conscience and material life of our species.

But science and technology also brought with them an unimaginable destructive capacity.

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Fidel Castro challenges Obama to prevent nuclear war, clean up Gulf oil

A Challenge to the US President

By Fidel Castro
Daily Gramma

A few days ago an article that contained a number of facts related to the oil spill that occurred 105 days ago was published.

President Obama had authorized the drilling of that well because he trusted the capabilities of modern technology to produce oil –which he wanted to be available in abundance- thus relieving the United States of the dependence on the foreign supplies of such a vital product for the present civilization. The excessive consumption of oil had already led to a vigorous protest by the environmentalists.

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