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G-20 Nations: Race to the Bottom will Continue

A critical analysis of the G-20’s Toronto Declaration

By Dawn Paley
Vancouver Media Co-op

As the G-20 summit winds down behind the fences surrounding fortress Toronto, there are at least 560 folks in jail, and anyone left out on the streets is facing detentions, beatings, searches and arrests.

This is the context in which the Group of 20 gathered to write the Toronto Summit Declaration, a 27 page document released earlier this evening. An early critical reading of this text makes it evident that those who have taken great risk to mobilize against the G20 have done so on behalf of the health of communities, and the planet.

Because though the Toronto Declaration begins with a populist appeal to sustainability, job creation and financial regulation, it enshrines a commitment to force the poor and working class around the world to tighten their belts yet again as states implement strict new austerity programmes.

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G20 capitalism is attacked in the streets of Toronto

By Robyn Maynard & Jaggi Singh
No One Is Illegal-Montreal

The intersection of King and Bay is the financial capital of Canada. Within blocks of these infamous cross-streets, amidst iconic skyscrapers, are the headquarters of the banks, corporations, public relations companies and law firms that help drive global capitalism. King and Bay in Toronto is the heart of Canadian colonial capitalism, which projects its misery all over the world, through mining, forestry and other resource extraction companies.

While the G20 leaders planned to meet behind a steel cage and an unprecedented 1-billion dollar security operation, a contingent of thousands-strong protesters gathered to defy Stephen Harper’s Fortress Toronto.

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‘I can’t even describe it in words’: Toronto G20 Protests by the Minute

Illegal search and arrest. PHOTO by Nadim

By Gwalgen Geordie Dent
Toronto Media Co-op
June 26-27

Queen’s Park

June 26

1:30 pm
I’m late.  Throngs of protesters moving south on Queen.  There’s thousands of people here.  Uncomfirmed reports that people were detained from Queen’s Park before the march even began. 

2:00 pm
A damn fool is risking death by yoga at University and Queen.  We just passed by the heavily fortified US consulate at University and Armoury.  There are hundreds of groups here including many of the big names: Canadian Labour Congress, Amnesty, a couple COmmunist Parties, the UFCW, Greenpeace, CUPE and a host of other smaller groups.  It’s amazing, there’s well above 10,000 people here.  The largest previous G8 protest in North America was 3,000 people.

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Toronto was sacked

By Justin
Justin and Lex @ G20

For three hours on June 26 the heart of Toronto’s financial district was in the hands of 2,000 protesters. Store fronts and police cars were destroyed as crowds of activists laid waste to Bay Street and Yonge Street. The police response was poorly organized and did little to protect property or unsuspecting civilians (not to mention the activists themselves).

The protest, which began in a heavy rain at 1:00 p.m. in front of Queen’s Park, Ontario’s legislature, was attended by 10,000 people including labour unions, anti-capitalists, feminists and a multitude of other groups. Event organizers had forwarded a plan to the police which projected the protest’s route from University Avenue, down to Queen Street West and back up Spadina Avenue to College Street and Queen’s Park.

The plan lasted only until the turn onto Queen Street, where a group of protesters wearing black bandanas attempted to rush the police barricade at Duncan Street. Composed of members of the “Black Bloc,” the bandana clad protesters set out to reach the G20 security fence—built around the G20 venue: the Metro Convention Centre. Continue reading

Riot police turn back largest G20 protest yet

Police keep an eye on approximately 1,000 protesters making their way along College Street from Allan Gardens in Toronto, Friday, June 25, 2010.

By CTV Toronto
Fri. Jun. 25 2010 8:31 PM ET

Positive video coverage at CTV.

Police temporarily shut the gates to the G20 security perimeter early Friday evening, as they attempted to head off the largest in a string of demonstrations to protest the international meeting. Anti-poverty demonstrators had attempted to march south towards the security zone where the G20 summit will take place. But they were turned back when police with shields blockaded University Avenue. Instead the protesters backtracked, marching east towards the park where the demonstration originated, trailed by police in full riot gear.

“I’m not a hell-raiser but I want my voice to be heard,” one woman told CP24, adding that she decided to join the demonstration in response to the large number of police on the city’s streets. “I thought I lived in a democracy and I don’t think I do any more.”

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Police arrest over 100 peaceful protesters

Protesters trapped in front of Novatel by police. Photo: Activestills

By Dru Oja Jay
Toronto Media Co-Op

Interview with Ben Powless

Mohawk activist Ben Powless describes the scene at the Novatel Hotel at 1 am on Saturday night. » Download file ‘powless-interview.mp3’ (4MB)

An estimated 150 peaceful protesters have been arrested (they were given no option to leave).

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Toronto Police Attack Peaceful Protesters and Journalists at G20 Protests

By Brandon Jourdan
Toronto Media Co-op

June 26, 2010, Toronto, Ontario– After a large march and rally against the meeting of the G20, police attacked a crowd of peaceful protesters in Queens Park.  The following clip shows police attacking and arresting protesters:

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G20 protesters in danger from water cannons

By P2P Net

Toronto already looks like a third-world war zone, thanks to prime minister Stephen Harper’s G20 party plans.

High mesh fences, cops everywhere, secret service agents ‘interviewing’ people who might want to protest his obscene boondoggle.

He’s even spending our money on $300-per-session bed-bug sniffing dogs, a $2,000,000 fake lake, uprooting dangerous tree saplings.

Now protesters not only stand a chance of having their ear-drums ruptured with military grade sonic blasters, they could also be injured by powerful jets fired from what’s euphemistically called ‘water projection systems’.

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G20 protesters could be hit with sonic guns

By Colin Perkel
The Canadian Press

The addition of sound cannons to the arsenal available to security forces managing G20 protests comes as no surprise to groups planning to demonstrate in Toronto at next month’s summit. They say it’s just one more signal amid an unprecedented security operation that dissenting voices are being muzzled.

“We were expecting the use of sound cannons, sound grenades, Tasers, tear gas — they’ve been used in the past against Canadian protesters,” Sharmeen Khan, spokeswoman for the Toronto Community Mobilization Network, said Thursday.

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Busloads of cops arriving for G20

Toronto Sun

Busloads of out-of-town police officers were being escorted by motorcycle cops Friday to downtown Toronto for the G20 Summit that they’ll be patrolling for the next nine days. The newcomers were briefed by the RCMP and given bus tours of the Portlands area and G20 sites, including the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where the leaders of the G20 will meet.

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