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Ontario Cops Gone Wild: False arrests, beatings, and naked detentions

By Rady Ananda

Ontario police have a penchant for brutality, sexual assault and false arrest, the latest example exposed during a civil lawsuit filed last month.

During preparations for the G20 Summit last year, Sean Salvati was arrested in Toronto for saying, “Well, good luck on Saturday.”

Here’s police video of the incident:

“One of the officers grabbed the neck and began punching me,” Salvati said in an interview with the Star [on June 23]. “(He) mentioned something about ‘These are your rights.’ You know? Like: ‘You think you have rights? These are your rights.’”

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Strong Unions – The Worst Nightmare for the Financial Elite

Michael Collins

Man wouldn’t pay you unless he had to. Chris Rock

The antiunion movement in the United States keeps us underpaid and represents a serious impediment to economic growth. Despite that, the antiunion sentiment remains strong among the political establishment and their patrons. Why?

Worker rights and a decent wage represent a toxic brew to the ruling elite. In the past, they expressed their antiunion position in a crude fashion. From the 1870s through the 1920s, industrialists fought union growth with hired thugs and complicit law enforcement officials. Organizers and union members were harassed, maimed, and killed throughout the country for simply acting on the right to organize and participate in a union.
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Canada’s stealth martial law: Public Works Protection Act

By Paul Jay

YOUR RIGHTS CAN DISAPPEAR IN A SNAP – The Ontario Cabinet imposes something close to martial law without you even knowing

Everybody in Ontario should understand the Public Works Protection Act. It sounds like some obscure piece of legislation that couldn’t matter very much to most people. But look again. With a snap of the Ontario Cabinet’s fingers, they can essentially eliminate your right to assemble and eliminate probable cause before your person or your car could be searched.

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The Toronto G20 Police State Crackdown

By Dana Gabriel

image by CasaZaza – click to enlarge

It appears as if the G20 summit in Toronto is shaping up to be a showdown between anarchists and police. Caught in the middle of the security circus are local residents. If there is violence and property damage, peaceful protesters will also be demonized. The recent bombing of a bank, perpetrated by a so-called anarchist group, has given an excuse to enact more police state measures during the summit. The curious timing of the attack emphasizes the threat of terrorism and further justifies the huge security apparatus being assembled.

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EU President owns up to global government

By John Kusumi

Reviving the Peace Dividend

cop soldiersBy Robert C. Koehler

World leaders can’t seem to hold an economic summit without security forces at the level of an occupying army running roughshod over the host city. This is both a symptom of what’s wrong with our global economy — predicated on war, domination and scarcity — and a metaphor for how it works.

So as delegates to the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh last week tinkered with environmental issues and Third World lending and took a few marginal but high-profile steps to tame the beast, 4,000 police officers dressed in riot gear, recruited from around the country, demonstrated its fangs. The heart of global economic order — lest we forget — is protecting the interests of the wealthy few.

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Iceland: Lessons to be Learned from the Economic Meltdown

Johanna SigurdardottirBy Eva Joly

The irresponsible attitude of certain countries, the EU and the IMF to Iceland’s economic collapse demonstrates their inability to learn that excessive deregulation of markets, particularly financial markets, which they engineered, fails, writes the advisor for the criminal investigation into Iceland’s failed banks.

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