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Global Food Security Act, S.384, to give $billions to Monsanto, other GMO producers

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100+ Groups Join Scientists and Development Experts in Urging Senate to ‘Strip the GM Mandate’ from the Global Food Security Act

Controversial language said more likely to feed biotech corporations than the world’s poor

By PANNA, Food First, and African Center for Biosafety

[SAN FRANCISCO and JOHANNESBURG] — Experts, scientists and advocates from around the world petitioned the U.S. Senate today in a concerted attempt to strip what they term a “stealth corporate giveaway” embedded in a foreign aid bill which is expected to hit the Senate floor soon. The “Global Food Security Act” (S.384), sponsored by Senators Casey (D-PA) and Lugar (R-IN), is intended to reform aid programs to focus on longer-term agricultural development, and restructure aid agencies to better respond to crises. While lauding the bill’s intentions, the petitioners object to a clause earmarking one agricultural technology (genetically modified – GM crops) for potentially billions of dollars in federal funding. $7.7 billion in U.S. funds are associated with the bill and no other farming methods or technologies are mentioned.

Monsanto has lobbied more than any other interest in support of this bill.  Continue reading