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Obama Dumps Unused, Outdated Swine Flu Vaccines on Africa

By Fleur Hupston
Natural News

 It was recently announced that as much as 43% of the U.S. swine flu vaccine supply would ultimately go unused and be destroyed. Apparently, the stance then taken by the major drug companies and the World Health Organization was to incinerate quantities of the vaccine and/or dump as much of the H1N1 vaccine supply as they possibly could in Africa.

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Swine Flu Investigator Jane Bürgermeister Faces Prison

From Infowars Ireland

Now that there is verifiable, unambiguous evidence that the Austrian government and state prosecutors have faked criminal charges to provide a pretext to arrest and detain me, I am going to apply to the European Court of Human Rights.

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Why I categorically refuse the vaccine against influenza H1N1

brain in skull (250 x 250)

COTO Editor’s Note: Translation submitted without author’s review, but with his general gratitude. Original piece in French is reproduced below the translation. Some introductory paragraphs were not translated, but can be found at the original post. Most of the original French links were replaced with links to the same documents (or video) but in English, so our English readers can verify his assertions.

By Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur
Montréal (Québec – Canada)
Ce 13 octobre 2009

This list of reasons are only my own view.  They’re the conclusions I have arrived at after several months of thoroughly studying the scientific documents, official publications and declarations of medical authorities.

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