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50 U.S. Health Care Statistics That Will Absolutely Astonish You

By Michael Snyder
Blacklisted News

The U.S. health care system has become one gigantic money making scam, and you are about to see the statistics that prove it.  Today, the United States spends more on health care per person than any other country in the world by far.  The health insurance companies and the big pharmaceutical corporations are raking in gigantic mountains of cash and yet the quality of the health care that we receive in return is rather quite poor.  People living in Puerto Rico have a greater life expectancy than we do.

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Healthcare Bill a $70 Billion Giveway to Insurance Industry

House Passes Landmark Healthcare Bill with Amendment Backed by Anti-Abortion Lawmakers

By Amy Goodman

The bill has been described as the biggest overhaul of the country’s healthcare system since the Medicare and Medicaid Act of 1965. Among those who voted no was Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich, a leading proponent of a single-payer, Medicare-for-all healthcare system. Reproductive rights took a hit Saturday night when the House also passed an amendment to establish limits on the funding of abortions within the new framework that would be established by the Affordable Health Care for America Act.

Guests:  Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Democratic Congress member from Ohio. He voted no on the healthcare bill that just passed the House. And Jane Hamsher, founder of Firedoglake blog.

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Domestic violence as pre-existing condition? 8 states still allow it

Battered Not Insured

Click here for large image

By Les Blumenthal | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Eight states and the District of Columbia don’t have laws that specifically bar insurance companies from using domestic violence as a pre-existing condition to deny health coverage, according to a study from the National Women’s Law Center.

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Poll Shows Public Wants Medicare for All

BMedicare4Ally Glen Ford

President Obama attempts to depict proponents of Medicare for all as lefty health care “extremists.” But that’s precisely the kind of “robust” public plan favored by two-thirds of Americans, according to a recent poll. Obama is to the Right of the people, and the GOP is off the map.

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Kucinich Questions Health Insurance Execs. on Denied Claims

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Humankind shall never fly

obama-jokerBy William Blum
Anti-Empire Report

All those angry people. Yelling at the president and members of Congress about how the proposed government health plan, and Obama himself, are “socialist.” (See the poster of Obama as the Joker character from Batman with “Socialism” in large letters, as the only word.) These good folks wanna get their health care through good ol’ capitalism; better no health care at all than godless-atheist commie health care; better to see your child die than have her saved by a Marxist-Stalinist-collective doctor who works for the government. But these screaming, heckling Americans — like most of their countrymen — might be rather surprised to discover that they don’t really believe what they think they believe.   Continue reading

Leaving Obamaland

By Bruce Dixonnow leaving obamaland

Democrats could accomplish nothing during the Bush years, they told us, for the first six years because they were a minority, and during the last two because Republicans could filibuster.  Now, with both houses of congress, a filibuster-proof senate majority and a “transformative leader” in the White House, Democrats can only continue the wars, the privatizations, the terture, coverups and kidnapping.  In power, Obama and Democrats can bail out Wall Street but not homeowners; they cannot accomplish anything voters want, like universal health care, Medicare For All.  Some Democratic activists are sobering up, looking around, and heading for the exits.

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On the Offensive, Trumka, Progressive Dems Revive Healthcare Battle

By Roger Bybee

It’s been a cruel, cruel summer for pro-labor progressives—until the last couple days when AFLCIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka and 60 House Democrats came out swinging for a Medicare-based public option in any healthcare reform plan.

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Sick for Profit: 6-min. video

by Brave New Films

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Conrad’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield Wants to Be Your Local Monopoly Co-op

MonopolyManBy Scarecrow

So, BlueCross/BlueShield controls 90 percent of the market, and it wants to be the exclusive not-public-plan Conrad Co-op to provide an alternative to . . . itself.

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Carpe inceptum quam minimum credula postero


Sign in MA restaurant window by Spatch via Flickr

Sign in MA restaurant window by Spatch via Flickr

By Rayne


It’s business model is bankrupting us, it’s not delivering what we need, it’s literally a threat to our nation.

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Mobs Provide Cover for Obama/Baucus Health Care Betrayal

Image at agentgenius.com

Image at agentgenius.com

By Ernest A. Canning

72 percent of the American people, including more than 50 percent of Republicans, believe that they ought to have the choice between a public or a private system. This is not a liberal-conservative thing. This is whether you’re going to vote with the health insurance companies or whether you’re going to vote for what 72 percent of your constituencies want. But government-industry collusion, under cover of disruptive Town Hall meetings, takes single payer off the table.

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‘You Do Not Cut Deals with the System that Has to Be Replaced’: Ralph Nader on Secret White House Agreements with the Drug Industry

single payer healthcare (486 x 408)By Democracy Now!

The Obama administration admitted last week it promised to oppose proposals to let the government negotiate drug prices and extract additional savings from drug companies. In return, drug companies reportedly pledged to reduce costs by up to $80 billion. The White House has tried to back off the reported agreements, but the drug industry says it expects the White House to uphold its pledge. We speak to former presidential candidate and longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader. Continue reading

Facts on US health insurance costs

medical insurance scam (468 x 324)By National Coalition on Health Care

Premiums for employer-based health insurance rose by 5.0 percent in 2008. In 2007, small employers saw their premiums, on average, increase 5.5 percent. Firms with less than 24 workers, experienced an increase of 6.8 percent.
The annual premium that a health insurer charges an employer for a health plan covering a family of four averaged $12,700 in 2008. Workers contributed nearly $3,400, or 12 percent more than they did in 2007.2 The annual premiums for family coverage significantly eclipsed the gross earnings for a full-time, minimumwage worker ($10,712).
Workers are now paying $1,600 more in premiums annually for family coverage than they did in 1999.
Since 1999, employment-based health insurance premiums have increased 120 percent, compared to cumulative inflation of 44 percent and cumulative wage growth of 29 percent during the same period.
Health insurance expenses are the fastest growing cost component for employers. Unless something changes dramatically, health insurance costs will overtake profits by the end of 2008.
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust, premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance in the United States have been rising four times faster on average than workers’ earnings since 1999.
The average employee contribution to company-provided health insurance has increased more than 120 percent since 2000. Average out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, co-payments for medications, and co-insurance for physician and hospital visits rose 115 percent during the same period.
The percentage of Americans under age 65 whose family-level, out-of-pocket spending for health care, including health insurance, that exceeds $2,000 a year, rose from 37.3 percent in 1996 to 43.1 percent in 2003 – a 16 percent increase.
The Impact of Rising Health Care Costs
National surveys show that the primary reason people are uninsured is the high cost of health insurance coverage.
Economists have found that rising health care costs correlate to drops in health insurance coverage.
A recent study by Harvard University researchers found that the average out-of-pocket medical debt for those who filed for bankruptcy was $12,000. The study noted that 68 percent of those who filed for bankruptcy had health insurance. In addition, the study found that 50 percent of all bankruptcy filings were partly the result of medical expenses.9 Every 30 seconds in the United States someone files for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a serious health problem.
A new survey shows that more than 25 percent said that housing problems resulted from medical debt, including the inability to make rent or mortgage payments and the development of bad credit ratings.
About 1.5 million families lose their homes to foreclosure every year due to unaffordable medical costs.
A survey of Iowa consumers found that in order to cope with rising health insurance costs, 86 percent said they had cut back on how much they could save, and 44 percent said that they have cut back on food and heating expenses.
Retiring elderly couples will need $250,000 in savings just to pay for the most basic medical coverage.13 Many experts believe that this figure is conservative and that $300,000 may be a more realistic number.
According to a recent report, the United States has $480 billion in excess spending each year in comparison to Western European nations that have universal health insurance coverage. The costs are mainly associated with excess administrative costs and poorer quality of care.
The United States spends six times more per capita on the administration of the health care system than its peer Western European nations.

(Chock full of facts supporting death to the health insurance industry. Read ’em and weep.):

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The brutal truth about America’s healthcare

LA free healthcare x GettyThe music arena in Los Angeles has been turned into a makeshift medical centre

Remote Area Medical travels to third world countries to provide free medical care in nations that can’t or won’t provide for their people.  The US fits the bill for 50 million Americans.

By Guy Adams, Independent UK

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A Canadian doctor diagnoses U.S. healthcare

medicare for all

By Michael M. Rachlis 

A single-payer system would eliminate most U.S. coverage problems. Canadian healthcare costs less. Canadians don’t need thousands of actuaries to set premiums or thousands of lawyers to deny care. Canadians actually get more of most services. We now live nearly three years longer, and our infant mortality is 20% lower. Single-payer plans can deliver the goods because their funding goes to services, not [insurance] overhead.

Canada does have some problems, and all of them the US shares. These problems are largely caused by our shared politico-cultural barriers to quality of care. In 19th century North America, doctors waged a campaign against quacks and snake-oil salesmen and attained a legislative monopoly on medical practice. In return, they promised to set and enforce standards of practice. By and large, it didn’t happen. And perverse incentives like fee-for-service make things even worse.

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Nine More Go to Jail for Single Payer

By David Swanson

Following a pattern of civil resistance in Washington D.C. and around the country, citizens in Des Moines Iowa on Monday risked arrest to press for the creation of single-payer healthcare, the establishment of healthcare as a human right, and an end to the deadly practices of Iowa’s largest health insurance company, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Dr. Margaret Flowers, who has herself gone to jail for single-payer in our nation’s capital, was on hand to speak in Des Moines. Continue reading