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Gay Barbarian Horde Glitters Bachmann Clinic

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Broadway’s touring ‘West Side Story’ tweaks theme, boosts Q love

West Side Story's Ali Ewoldt and Kyle Harris

By Rady Ananda

Arthur Laurents’ story about love, racism and violence set in 1950s New York City took on a new twist under the direction of David Saint in Broadway Across America’s Ft. Lauderdale production of West Side Story. By making subtle changes (from the 1961 film version starring Natalie Wood), Saint softens the criticism of US racism and salutes same-sex love.

When I first saw the film as a teen, the song “America” shocked me with its blunt lines, “Life is all right in America … if you are white in America.”  Given our media-fostered culture of anti-Arab sentiment, I looked forward to hearing those words again.  Instead, under Saint’s direction, the song mocked Puerto Rico. “Twelve in a room in America” became San Juan’s burden.

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Rules of Play

By Robert C. Koehler

It’s been hard not to think about suicide lately — the act of it, in isolation and, seemingly, incredible despair.

The gay teenagers who killed themselves recently, in acts of private surrender, have made a collective public statement, but what is that statement . . . other than “something’s wrong”?

Whatever is wrong hits the young LGBT community with ferocity, but doesn’t confine itself to that community. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among 15- to 24-year-olds in the U.S. — evidence of a system backing up on itself.

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Child Witches and Gay, Transgender Youth

Rev. Irene MonroeBy Rev. Irene Monroe

This Hallowe’en many American children will dress up as witches.  And we’ll hear their laughter and see their smiles as they joyfully go from door-to-door trick-or-treating. But in some places across the globe, children would never pretend to be witches because the consequences are not only dire, they can also be deadly.

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Outspoken Activists Defend Africa’s Sexual Diversity

world out games 2009By Christi van der Westhuizen

COPENHAGEN, Aug 5 (IPS) – The second World Outgames, held in the Danish capital, offered up a veritable smorgasbord of sport, politics and arts while celebrating sexual and gender diversity. But it also reminded participants that bigotry against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, sometimes culminating in violence, remains a scourge across the world.

The week-long Outgames, which ended on Aug. 1, attracted 6,500 LGBT athletes and an estimated 20,000 spectators from myriad countries and was characterised by high-level political commitment from the Danish government. The rainbow flag – the international LGBT symbol – adorned the city hall and other buildings surrounding the main square in Copenhagen. 

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Obama kills amendment to defund Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

On July 29th, on the MSNBC Rachel Maddow segment, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Don’t Try? – Maddow interviews Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings who introduced an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act that would have prevented the government from spending money on kicking gays and lesbians out of the military. The next day he withdrew the amendment “due to pressure from … the White House.”