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Reflections from after the Coup: Letter from Honduras

By Jimena Paz

Two years ago today, the president of my country, Manuel Zelaya, was forced at gunpoint onto a plane in an SOA graduate-led coup.  As Zelaya flew away, the integrity of Honduran sovereignty and democracy disappeared with him, but left behind on the ground was the resolve of my people to struggle to get it back.  This determination quickly exploded into what is now the Popular Resistance Front of Honduras.

Until that morning two years ago, I had never taken part in a demonstration on the street. All that changed on the morning of June 28th as I joined together with people I had never known – members of the LGBT community, Afro-Hondurans, indigenous leaders, and campesinos – to recover our stolen democracy.

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Amid bloody repression, Zelayas returns to Honduras

Porfirio Lobo and Manuel Zelaya shake hands on May 23, 2011 (Guardian UK)

By Rady Ananda

Since Obama’s first coup on June 28, 2009, when Honduras President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped and flown to a U.S. military base in Palmerola before being spirited out of the country in his pajamas, Honduras has endured lethal repression under the US-installed dictator, Porfirio Lobo. But today, May 28, 2011, Zelaya returned.

On May 23rd, Colombia president Juan Manuel Santos and Venezuela president Hugo Chavez brokered a deal that allowed Zelaya to return so that Honduras will be readmitted to the Organisation of American States, thus gaining access to international “aid” funds.

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Economic Hit Men Now Used on Americans

Max Keiser interviews John Perkins
February 2010

The John Perkins piece starts at about 14:13 into this show:

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UFCW squares off against Whole Foods

WholeFoods Mackeys Gotta Go

By Lindsay Beyerstein

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey reignited an old feud with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) with an Aug 11 op/ed denouncing Obama’s healthcare plan and denying every American’s right to healthcare. Mackey is a vehement opponent of unionization.

Last week, the UFCW and the Change to Win federation joined the widening boycott against Whole Foods to protest Mackey’s remarks. UFCW has launched a campaign called Mackey’s Gotta Go. Change to Win represents 6 million workers and its investment division controls a billion dollars in assets.

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