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Dem` times a be a-changing …

Dem` times a be a-changing ...

Sarkozy honors French Foreign Legion with Order of Merit of Al-Qaeda medal

Satire by InfoWars Ireland

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France has bestowed a new Honor upon the famed parachute regiment 2eme Rep of the French Foreign Legion.

Legionnaires from the elite outfit have been busy lately helping Al Qaeda in the western mountains of Libya, and more recently involved in the NATO special forces storming of Tripoli, where NATO warplane bombardment, along with special forces from the US Military, British SAS and a few other puppet Arab States like Qatar stormed into the capital Tripoli and terrified the inhabitants.

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How We Doin’?

By Rady Ananda

Following the widespread banishment of all radical elements on a certain “progressive” website, which included yours truly, several of us started other sites.  Akin to AA thinking that asks, how do you start an AA meeting (“all it takes is a coffee pot and a resentment”), we did just that.

Hence, Coalition of the ObviousFood Freedom and, a month later, COTO Report were born.  My buddy, Patrick, runs the first site, and I run the last two. That’s only possible with a dedicated crew who keep the engines going with original essays, artwork, news tips, and shares on social media sites.

Though COTO doesn’t draw as many visitors as Food Freedom, it gives an outlet to radical thought.  Given the corporate-government’s propensity to censorship, more outlets are better than fewer, I figure.  Here are the stats since inception:

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Mohammed at Four O’Clock

By Robert C. Koehler

What’s so funny about …?

Oh, let’s say, a Muslim guy walking through the airport, or the bride of Frankenstein … or saliva. It’s all there — and more! — at an exhibit called “What Makes Us Smile?” at Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum, which I saw with my daughter a few days ago. Even though the world is still caught in the jaws of hell, I decided to write about this raw celebration of humor because the tears of amazement and joy that flowed as I walked through it felt like my definition of peace.

God, terrorism and flatulence all get more or less the same treatment at this deceptively named exhibit. What makes us smile? Come on. The show, co-curated by Rebecca Hoffberger, Matt Groening (“The Simpsons”) and Gary Panter (“Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”), might more accurately have been called, as per a Garrison Keillor quote on the exhibit wall, “What Makes Us Laugh So Hard We Start Snorting Food Out Our Nose?”

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WikiLeaks to release Percy Cummings arrest documents

By Dead Serious News

Hours before being placed on Interpol’s most wanted list, Julian Assange announced that WikiLeaks was going to release thousands of documents related to the recent arrest of Percy Cummings, who is charged with sexually assaulting a TSA agent during a pat-down.

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The Two-Party Shepherd

Adapted from viral web humor






Neither Dem nor Repub; we do not want;
They maketh us lie down in foreclosure;
They leadeth us beside still factories. 


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Fun with the GOP at BuzzFlash

Here’s the latest four buzzes, giving you a sense of what’s on the mind of some Lefties:

Go ahead; buzz the one I submitted.

1 buzzes

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ADM Tries to Take Down Funny Video; Big Business Has No Solutions; Now What?

By The Yes Men

A legal complaint from agribusiness giant ADM has resulted in the removal from Youtube of a fake video of ADM’s CEO making over-honest pronouncements. (The video is still available here and here.)

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The Government Can

We Are Not Sheeple

image (1832)

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