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Class War in Israel: Police assault protestors with horses; arrest them

By The Real News Network

Tens of thousands of Israelis poured onto the streets in Tel Aviv to protest rising commodity and housing prices and stagnation in salaries.

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YOU Are Too Rich

By Steve Scheetz

Have you stopped to wonder why it is that many government programs seem to have been set in place in order to stop job growth, stop the economy and essentially destroy wealth while politicians, complete with soap boxes, continue to shout how we must do more to help the economy?

Here is one example of how this began to take shape since the booming economy of the 90’s.

Paul R Ehrlich believes that there are too many rich people in the world. At the International Conference on Population and Development” in Cairo in 1994, he delivered a paper stating, point blank, that the rich are burdens on global resources, and if we, as a people were to survive, we would have to ensure that everyone cuts his/her energy consumption, drastically.

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