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Panetta’s latest lie connecting Iraq to 9/11 and WMDs; Bradley Manning Update

By Keith Olbermann
Countdown with Olbermann

“So if [Leon Panetta] is trying to remind us of the lying and the cheating, which I participated in, in the previous Administration, more power to him.” ~Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former State Dept. Chief of Staff, on Leon Panetta’s latest lie to the troops that we invaded Iraq because of WMDs and 9/11.

In addition to the propaganda, Col. Wilkerson discusses the unconscionable treatment of Bradley Manning who allegedly leaked diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.

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Kill the Health Care Bill

By Betsy L. Angert

Kill the Bill or be killed by the Senate Health Care Reform Bill. That is the choice Americans face. Death looms large in the United States today. Continue reading

Glenn Beck Explained – And Maybe Us, Too

glen beckBy Robert Aber

I had an epiphany an instant before signing a petition about Glenn Beck: WHY?

It followed the inkling: “I HEARD that voice decades ago as a punk LA teen!”   Continue reading

Olbermann Rips into the Worst Sellouts on Health Care in Congress

By Jan Frel, AlterNet

Keith Olbermann calls out Sen. John Thune, Sen. John McCain, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans  — as well as a few Democrats, too: specifically the “Blue Dogs.”