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Troopers Intimidation of Legislators in Wisconsin – Special Emergency Powers Legislation

By Jonathryn

The news from Wisconsin today is that Wisconsin State Troopers, under the direction of a political appointee of the Governor, are visiting the homes of legislators who are resisting the Governor’s deeply unpopular legislation. By what reckoning can an executive, using armed men in state uniforms, dictate a legislator’s prerogatives, or the prerogatives of a caucus of legislators? If you chose “brute force,” you answered correctly.
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OpenCongress goes local in CA, LA, MD, TX and WI

By David Moore

As the new legislative session in Washington, D.C. gets under way, we have some big news to share with you. Today we’re unveiling OpenGovernment: a new project to bring transparency to all levels of government, from states to cities and more. We’re taking OpenCongress local. Check it out: http://opengovernment.org/

As with all our work, “OG” is free to use, open-source, and non-partisan. We’re launching with information for five state legislatrues: California, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, and Wisconsin. This is a way for the public in those states to get involved with the legislative process in ways that were previously closed-off from citizen input. Over the next year, we seek non-profit funding support to roll out OpenGovernment to all 50 U.S. states, dozens of major cities, other countries, and beyond.

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Chris Dodd’s wife and derivatives trading – all in the family

It’s all in the family! Senator Chris Dodd writes a financial reform bill but forgets to regulate derivatives, “financial weapons of mass destruction.” Then we find out that his wife works for the owners of two exchanges that will very likely benefit from Dodd’s “reform” legislation.

They make the rules. They take the money, all of it, and leave us with debt. And then they tell us it’s all legal.

Here’s the story.
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