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Amy Goodman Interviews Honduras President Manuel Zelaya

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Speaks from the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa

By Amy Goodman

…we go now to Honduras, where the deposed President Manuel Zelaya remains within the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where he’s been staying, surrounded by soldiers and riot police, since returning to his country two weeks ago. It’s been nearly 100 days since President Zelaya was ousted by the Honduran military.

[Transcript follows the three YouTubes totaling 23 mins.]

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Honduras: an imminent new phase?

fubombBy Toni Solo

It is United States multinationals that have benefited for decades in Honduras from an absurdly concessionary tax regime to accumulate extortionate profits to the tune of tens of millions of dollars every year. It is the United States that has equipped the Honduran army to murder, disappear and detain the heroic non-violent Honduran resistance. It is the United States that has constantly intervened in Honduran government policy against the interests of the country’s impoverished majority. And now the consummate opportunist hypocrite Barack Obama glibly sneers that he cannot press a button to help Manuel Zelaya. As the conflict in Honduras enters a new phase, the oligarchs and their US backers are likely to see their investment sorely and bloodily tested.

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