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Big Meat vs. Michael Pollan

A beef industry group crusades to stop the Pollan-ation of America’s college students. MotherJones.com

Nov/Dec 2010         — By Wes Enzinna

Carrin Flores is a cattle rancher’s fantasy come true: An attractive 26-year-old with stylish eyeglasses and glossy lipstick, she’s unabashed about her love of cows. “They are so cute. Their cute little tongues. Oh, and their eyelashes,” she says. “But I also friggin’ love to eat them.” She cooks beef four nights a week and can list dozens of ways she likes it: T-bone, tri-tip, boneless rump roast…Flores, a graduate student in veterinary medicine at Washington State University-Pullman, plans to work in the beef industry when she finishes. But she’s already a graduate of the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA), an industry-funded program that trains college students to fight back against critics of big agribusiness, like Michael Pollan.

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US Democracy, Progressivism , and Brand Building

By Joaquin Posted by Michael Collins

Analysts for the political parties create segmentation labels like NASCAR Dads, progressivism, liberal, green, fiscal conservatism, etc for purposes having to do with the party’s brand building and marketing campaigns. This process is very similar to that on which Corporate America spends so much time and money. An institution’s brand and its knowledge of its customers are the Corporate family jewels. So it is with political parties.

It is important to understand that public labels of marketing segments are, in and of themselves, marketing messages; a kind of voice. It is unlikely that sophisticated political analysts segment their market with these terms; that is a statistical process that involves correlation of reactions to messages. The correlation around the messages enables the analysts to refine the party’s voice to a particular segment. It is a sophisticated process that requires a solid knowledge of statistics and modern marketing techniques.
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The Medium is the Message


copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert. BeThink.org

It happened once, twice; I trust the third time could not charm me more. I have witnessed the power of a gesture, one made without words. I have seen the light that glows when people connect in quiet ways. Now experienced on more than one occasion, I have come to appreciate the peaceful power of consistent communication. I had not fully acknowledged what could be accomplished until I arrived on the scene, alone. Then I saw it. I felt it. I could hardly believe that a single steadfast individual, could convey a message without words, and still receive such a resounding response. Yet, while there, it occurred. I was struck by what had not been apparent for near a decade. The stance of a quiet soul, stated calmly, clearly, and with care, can move more persons than I ever imagined. Continue reading

John Pilger: Obama is a corporate marketing creation (6-min video)

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