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Sibel Edmonds Speaks, But No One Is Listening

spy-vs-spy color red.By Philip Giraldi
August 27th, 2009

Those who are interested in issues like widespread corruption of our elected officials by foreigners have no doubt followed the ex-FBI translator-turned-whistle blower Sibel Edmonds saga for the past few years.  Sibel has finally testified in court under oath about some of the things that she learned while working for the bureau.  The testimony was in a court in Ohio about two weeks ago.   Continue reading

EGYPT: Bloggers fly into security trap



By Cam McGrath

CAIRO, Jul 28 (IPS) – Cairo’s airport has been unusually busy the past month as Egypt’s security apparatus steps up its campaign against online political activists.

Several prominent Egyptian bloggers have “disappeared” from the airport’s arrivals hall, while others report suspiciously long delays that they claim were cover for state security officers to search their laptops and luggage.

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GM Crop Failure Petition 2009

african-centre-for-biosafetyBy African Centre for Biosafety

Three varieties of Monsanto’s genetically modified maize failed to produce crops during the 2008-09 growing season, leaving up to 200,000 hectares (~500,000 acres) of fields barren of cobs and crop losses across several provinces in South Africa.

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