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COTO Report Goes Down Under: An Interview with Maxwell Igan

By Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher

On behalf of COTO Report, I am pleased to present this 68-minute interview with documentary filmmaker, musician and non-violent non-compliance expert, Max Igan.

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Worldwide Slavery

5shacklesThe abolition of slavery world wide is far from complete.  Despite international and domestic laws against the practice of slavery, there are now some twenty-seven million people living as slaves.  More than nine million are children.  Every year vast numbers of  human beings are trafficked both internationally and within national borders.  In fact it is now cheaper to purchase a slave than it has ever been at any point in history.

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Cashless Society, Coming Soon to a Store Near You!

IT numbersThe agenda to eliminate cash is real and it’s coming to a store near you.  The perils of a cashless society make the valueless currency system we have now appear a panacea.  Already many must pay extra fees in order to pay their bills in cash.  The day is not so far off when even going to the store for a soda will be an entirely electronic transaction.  There will be no buying and selling permitted that is not electronic. Continue reading