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Pearl River in Mississippi Goes Extinct after Temple-Inland dumps toxic waste

“Every species of fish here is dead”

Temple-Inland Paper Mill Shut Down since Saturday

By Terrance Friday

Pearl River County, Mississippi — For the past few days a surge of dead fish has been the scene for folks living along the Pearl River. Residents in Picayune have also been effected by the scare.

For families like the Mitchells, living along the Pearl River isn’t just beautiful scenery, it’s a complete way of life.

“We feed our families three times a week from these rivers. Whether it be frogs, fish, the wildlife that we hunt during the Winter it’s a big portion of our meat for the year,” said Mitchell

But now that way of life is in question and to make matters worse, there’s no [official] explanation for the problem.

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Radioactive Water Pumped into Mississippi River

Video by WJTV

Radioactive water released into river at Grand Gulf
By Keven
Natchez Democract

PORT GIBSON, Mississippi — An unknown amount of radioactive water was released accidentally into the Mississippi River late last week at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is investigating the incident, but suggests the release poses no public health hazard.

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