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Nationwide Counter Offensive Against NATO-Al Qaeda-Rebels Builds Across Oil-Rich Libya

“The easiest solution was to say to the colonial powers in the beginning to come and take the oil from our people and stop the aggression.” ~Muammar Ghaddafi

By Hamsayeh.net

A nationwide pro-Ghaddafi resistance movement is slowly gaining momentum as NATO-Al Qaeda and Rebel forces desperately pound southern Libyan cities loyal to Ghaddafi.

US-NATO have dispatched around 1,500 foreign Al Qaeda mercenaries from Afghanistan to Libya when several hundreds of rebels were killed during recent offensive on Sirte, bani-Walid, Sabha and other towns loyal to Muamar Ghaddafi. Also the all important oil town of Ras Lanuf has been liberated by Ghaddafi forces and that oil exports by the National Transitional Council (NTC) – initially destined for western colonial masters – should now come to a standstill.

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