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Shut It Down on Oct. 28th: National Strike

A momentum is occurring. People are uniting across the world. They are sending a message. The next step is fast approaching:

On Oct 28th 2011

For one day we peacefully protest in a symbol that will be felt across the globe. We step out of the system and step back into ourselves.

Turn off all lights. Unplug all electrical devices. Abstain from using TV, radio and internet or phone. Abstain from making any purchase of any kind. Choose that morning to cancel any services you feel you no longer need. That morning call in sick to work.

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Bill Moyers: Welcome to the Plutocracy

Bill Moyers speech at the first Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture of Boston University, Oct. 29, 2010. Text below, posted at Truth Out, differs slightly from the actual presentation.

Watch a video of the speech and the Q&A session here.

Bill Moyers on government corruption, corporatism, Citizens United, Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and, of course, Howard Zinn’s promotion of resistance, national strikes and bottom-up democracy. Unfortunately, he also supports ObamaCare, disingenuously characterizing it as providing health coverage for 40 million Americans — those very people who don’t have coverage because they can’t afford it. Passing a law that requires them to buy it does not provide healthcare; it just makes them criminals for being too poor to afford insurance. Big difference between free public health care and mandatory insurance premiums. Otherwise, it’s an excellent speech. ~Ed.

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