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Killer cops stand trial for Katrina killings

After the barrage of bullets stopped, while Susan Bartholomew was lying on a concrete walkway of the Danziger Bridge, the men shooting at Bartholomew’s family ordered her to raise her hands. But Bartholomew recalled realizing that would be impossible.

“I couldn’t do it, because my arm was shot off,” she said softly. “I raised the only hand I had.” ~Times-Picayune

The trial of five current and former New Orleans police officers accused in the Danziger Bridge shootings case in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina began Monday morning in federal court in New Orleans. The defendants are former officer Robert Faulcon, who resigned not long after Katrina; Sgt. Kenneth Bowen; Sgt. Robert Gisevius; officer Anthony Villavaso; and retired Sgt. Arthur Kaufman. ~Times-Picayune

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