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Nuclear Winter and Peace

By Fidel Castro

More than 20,000 nuclear weapons are in the hands of eight countries —the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, China, Israel, India and Pakistan— some of which have significant economic, political and religious differences. The new START treaty, signed in Prague in April 2010 by the biggest nuclear powers, only represents an illusion with regards to the situation threatening humanity.

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The Twin Brother of Annihilation

Nuclear Disarmament (250 x 333)By Robert C. Koehler

Tribune Media Services

“As long as a nukeless world remains wishful thinking and pastoral rhetoric, we’ll be all right.”

Pastoral rhetoric? This, from a writer who later refers to a “nuclear umbrella”?  The words are those of David Von Drehle, an editor at large for Time Magazine, who couldn’t resist a faint note of mocking arrogance as he announced his own winner of the Nobel Peace Prize: Little Boy, Fat Man and their progeny, the doomsday weapons that (not counting Hiroshima, Nagasaki and all those cancer deaths in Utah, etc.) have kept us so safe for the last 60 years.

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IAEA expresses concern over Israeli nukes

IAEAPressTV  09/18/09

The UN nuclear watchdog’s 150 members have expressed concern over Israel’s nuclear arsenal, calling on Tel Aviv to renounce atomic weapons.

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US at Center of South Asian Arms Race

Kashmir_map_medBy Mustafa Qadri

The United States is fuelling the rivalry between India and Pakistan with increased military funding.

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