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Conrad’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield Wants to Be Your Local Monopoly Co-op

MonopolyManBy Scarecrow

So, BlueCross/BlueShield controls 90 percent of the market, and it wants to be the exclusive not-public-plan Conrad Co-op to provide an alternative to . . . itself.

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‘You Do Not Cut Deals with the System that Has to Be Replaced’: Ralph Nader on Secret White House Agreements with the Drug Industry

single payer healthcare (486 x 408)By Democracy Now!

The Obama administration admitted last week it promised to oppose proposals to let the government negotiate drug prices and extract additional savings from drug companies. In return, drug companies reportedly pledged to reduce costs by up to $80 billion. The White House has tried to back off the reported agreements, but the drug industry says it expects the White House to uphold its pledge. We speak to former presidential candidate and longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader. Continue reading