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Medical Miracle: Dialysis man survives 11 years on the run in mountainous terrain

By Rady Ananda

The White House announced tonight in a special mystery broadcast that a bullet wound to the head killed Osama bin Laden last week. Amazing. Not that Obama is lying, nor that Osama is dead.  But that a man on dialysis since at least 1998, on the run from the most technologically advanced military in human history, survived until 2011 in rugged terrain with — no doubt — interrupted access to kidney care.

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Consequences of the BP Oil Spill (Video)

Video by Global Voices for Justice and Global Access Media

Consequences of the BP Oil Spill (Oct. 2010, 15 mins) Produced and directed by Mark Manning.

The first in a 12 part documentary series investigating the real effects of the BP oil disaster on the people and environment of the Gulf. Featuring Dr. Riki Ott, marine toxicologist specializing in oil spills.

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These Things I Promise by Barack Obama

Obama to finance dirty coal in India, stealing clean energy jobs from U.S.


By Pacific Environment, Friends of the Earth, Oil Change International and Groundwork

On July 15, the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) board is scheduled to reconsider an application to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in financing to India’s Reliance Power Ltd. for the 4,000 megawatt coal power and mine project. Three weeks ago, the board appropriately rejected financing for Sasan based on its massive carbon dioxide emissions. The project would generate some 26 million annual tons of CO2, more than the bank’s annual emissions for all fossil fuel projects approved by Ex-Im Bank in 2009.[1]  

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Obama’s Fake of the Union Address

By Michael D. Rectenwald
The Rec Report

Few doubt that Barack Obama is a masterful speaker. But too often his speaking ability is considered a national asset, especially as it is supposed to inspire the American public, persuade his political opponents, and favorably represent the national interests to the world. Yet Obama’s rhetorical mastery is the most dangerous weapon that his financial masters have used against the majority of late. Rather than persuading Congress or the American public to support policies and politics that benefit the majority, Obama has used his oratorical gifts to delude the people, representing his allegiance to the corporate oligarchy as a boon to the American public.

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Foot in the Door: Capitalism and Health Care

socialism_vs_capitalismBy Stephen Fleischman

Isn’t it perfectly clear that the uproar over a public option in the health care reform bill now squeezing its way through Congress is about nothing but the foot in the door to socialized medicine and ultimately to other socialized things?

What a break that would be when you look around and see what capitalism hath wrought. While the ice-caps melt, corporate America is making billions on the dooming of the planet.

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Freedom Rider: Health Care Deceit

ObamaLiarOnSinglePayerBy Margaret Kimberley

The health care fiasco has bared the cowardly underbelly of the Democratic Party, which is putty in the hands of President Obama and his co-conspirators in the insurance industry. The conclusion is inescapable: Barack Obama and the majority of the Democrats never had any intention of bringing reform to health care.

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