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There Goes the Internet

By Glen Ford
Black Agenda Radio

With the “compromise” on Internet neutrality, President Obama has betrayed another campaign promise, and this time has no excuse that the Republicans made him do it. The outcome was really never in doubt, since Obama named as his FCC chairman a man who helped make radio and television into a corporate wasteland, under Bill Clinton’s administration.

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Paraguay, Honduras and Barack Obama

By William Blum
Anti-Empire Report

What would it take for free health care to reach the shores of the world’s only superpower?

During his campaign for the presidency of Paraguay, former bishop Fernando Lugo promised to bring health care to the millions unable to afford it. A month after Lugo took office in August 2008, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare (MSPBS) gradually began to make some public health services free, waiving fees for office, outpatient and emergency room visits. Later, hospital admission fees were eliminated, along with charges for intensive care, post-op incision care, treatment in an infant incubator, oxygen therapy, surgery and other services. In 2009, fees were removed for diagnostic tests in all specialties, and for dental and ophthalmological services. Almost all public health services in Paraguay are now free of charge.

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Barack Obama: Change We Can Deceive In* –A critique from the Left

obama healthcare (465 x 309)

By Lori Price
Citizens for Legitimate Government

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