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7 shots fired near ‘Occupy Oakland,’ one dead

By East Bay News

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — One person has been killed after a gunfight near the Occupy Oakland camp at Frank Ogawa Plaza Thursday evening.

Video at East Bay News

Six gunshots rang out shortly before 5 p.m. several feet from the 12th Street BART station adjacent to the plaza where Occupy protesters have set up camp.

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Oakland strike: For Occupy protesters, frenzied rumors before march on port

By Gloria Goodale
Christian Science Monitor

With the worldwide movement watching the Occupy Oakland strike, hundreds of protesters target banks and swap rumors before the day’s main dramatic act: a march on the Port of Oakland.

With the eyes of the international Occupy movement turned toward Oakland Wednesday, protesters and officials did their earnest best to justify the intense scrutiny. Despite a flurry of exhortations, misinformation and official press conferences – what ensued for most of the day was a largely peaceful protest by hundreds of marchers.

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Oakland mayoral recall underway; Police issue statement; Cop who shot Olsen ID’d

By COTO Report

Today, the Oakland Police Officers Assn. issued a statement publicizing the conflicting orders coming from the Mayor’s Office, while efforts to recall Mayor Jean Quan have begun.

Additionally, the officer who shot Oakland protester and Iraq Vet, Scott Olsen, has been identified by Anonymous as Deputy Sheriff Scott Bergstresser, of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Dept., Emergency Services Unit (Badge #1342).

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November 2: General Strike In Oakland

By Farooque Chowdhury

Oakland is going to observe a general strike on November 2. The strike will be “against the growing gap between the rich and everybody else,” said the website of Occupy Oakland. “The whole world is watching Oakland,” OO said in a statement. “Let’s show [the world] what is possible.” The OO announced on its website that it is planning a march to the Port of Oakland, the US’ fifth busiest, to “shut it down.” New agency reported that tens of thousands of people are expected to participate in the general strike. It was also reported that organized labor will extend support. These are signs of growing discontent.

The decision for city-wide general strike was passed by Occupy Oakland General Assembly by a 96.9% majority. The OO has urged other groups nationwide to organize similar events.

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Tyranny at Occupy Oakland: Tear gas video; LRADs on scene

…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Tonight marks the two-week anniversary of Occupy Oakland. Police have brought in sound cannons and have hit the crowd with tear gas, arresting several.

Regularly updating this piece with new video as it becomes available:

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