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What a BOEMRE: New report cites litany of problems of offshore drilling regulatory agency

By Kate Sheppard
Mother Jones

(Image)  In the days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar appointed a panel to assess the problems at the Minerals Management Service (now the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement) that may have made the disaster more likely. The Outer Continental Shelf Safety Oversight Board released its findings on Wednesday, and they weren’t pretty. “It is honest,” Secretary Ken Salazar said of the report. “It does not sugar-coat problems.”

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Corporate criminals and their accomplices: BP and MMS

Hermit crabs: dispersants increase the toxicity of oil

By Jeffrey St. Clair
Transcribed by Andrea Hektor
Socialist Worker

Jeffrey St. Clair is co-editor with Alexander Cockburn of the muckracking Web site and newsletter CounterPunch–where he has written extensively on BP’s Gulf catastrophe and other environmental issues. At the Socialism 2010 conference in San Francisco, he described the conveyor belt between the executive suites of energy companies and the offices of government agencies that regulate them–and how this incestuous relationship set the stage for the BP disaster.

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Smack-Down Man

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USA-Cuba: Drilling the embargo

By Bob Row

One side-effect of the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf may be a more pragmatic approach to Cuba by the Obama administration. As this article points out, American officials are yet in “working-level discussions” with the Cuban government about the oil spill.

But, beyond the present hour urgencies, there are long term issues at stake. Cuba is about to explore its off-shore oil reserves in the North Basin right in front of the Florida coastal shores with the help of Spanish, Chinese, Brazilian and Norwegian technologies. Suddenly, the American government realizes that they are isolated by virtue of the embargo policy and lack a word in a risky ongoing development concerning a mayor economic place.

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Climate Bill Is a Misnomer: It’s a Nuclear Energy-Promoting, Oil Drilling-Championing, Coal Mining-Boosting Gift to Polluters

By Tyson Slocum
Public Citizen

After half a year of delay, Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) are set to release their nuclear energy/cap-and-trade bill today. Until we see legislative text, we can comment only on the broad outline made available yesterday and an additional summary being circulated among legislative staff.

It’s not accurate to call this a climate bill. This is nuclear energy-promoting, oil drilling-championing, coal mining-boosting legislation with a weak carbon-pricing mechanism thrown in. What’s worse, it guts the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) current authority to regulate greenhouse gases as pollutants under the Clean Air Act.

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