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The Bilderberg Group: A Primer

By Amy de Miceli
No One Has To Die Tomorrow

Once again the global elite have come together for their annual Bilderberg Group meeting. A well kept secret for many years, being covered only by a handful of reporters, has now been gaining publicity in large part due to Alex Jones’ on the ground coverage.

This year they are meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and Jones has called upon activists worldwide to stand outside the Suvretta Hotel to protest the criminals inside.

To better understand the evil that is hidden behind the barricades lets start from the beginning…

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10 Credible Conspiracy Theories? Debunking SPLC

By The Daily Bell

AlterNet published an article by the Southern Poverty Law Center mocking “the Right” for ten conspiracy theories. The Daily Bell responds to the charges below.   When the Left agrees with the Right, the SPLC calls them both “extreme” — that is, anyone who doesn’t believe government propaganda and disinformation.  This is a common psychological technique employed by governments and their agents: marginalize those who don’t go along with the program. ~ Ed.

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