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Tribal victories against corporate ecoterrorism a model for us all

Once warring tribes now ally to defeat mining and drilling

By John Perkins
Yes! Magazine

Lessons from the Dongria Kondh: With greater power to build alliances across boundaries, the Davids of the world are having more success throwing off the Goliaths

It was the kind of fight in which the power seems so one-sided that the conclusion is foregone. The indigenous Dongria Kondh of Niyamgiri, India, saw their homeland and their sacred mountains threatened by Vedanta Resources, an international mining company that planned to build an enormous bauxite mine in the heart of their land. The Dongria used themselves as roadblocks to keep Vedanta employees away, but it was hard to imagine that their resistance would have long-term effects.

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Death by Privatization: For-profit prison healthcare system implicated in death of inmate

Ashley Ellis in early 2008, about six months after the car accident for which she was jailed. (Photo Sandra Gipe)

By Terry J. Allen

Ashley Ellis’s misdemeanor arrest turned into a death sentence. Her crime: “careless and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.” Less than two days after entering a Vermont prison on a 30-day sentence, she died from the careless and negligent operation of a privatized for-profit prison healthcare system.

Her death shows what can, and does, happen across the country when states outsource prisoner medical services: states cut corners on monitoring, and contractors skimp on care.

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Extinctions, Over-Population and the Profit Paradigm

The six great extinction spasms, with projection thru 2100. From http://bit.ly/7Eaq5Q

By Rady Ananda

Human activities are blamed for what may be Earth’s greatest extinction spasm. Of the five categories of these activities, the world’s wealthy focus on over-population, ignoring their own environmentally destructive actions from which they wrought their wealth. 

“Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?” Mathew 7:3

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Gaza Blockade Is Great for al Qaeda

taliban in gazaBy Antony Loewenstein

The recent shootout in a Gaza mosque has highlighted the way Israel’s blockade of the strip radicalises people and encourages terrorism.

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Keeping track of the empire’s crimes

By William Blum

If you catch the CIA with its hand in the cookie jar and the Agency admits the obvious — what your eyes can plainly see — that its hand is indeed in the cookie jar, it means one of two things: a) the CIA’s hand is in several other cookie jars at the same time which you don’t know about and they hope that by confessing to the one instance they can keep the others covered up; or b) its hand is not really in the cookie jar — it’s an illusion to throw you off the right scent — but they want you to believe it.

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US trains, funds Honduran coup

distribute presente(4 video reports)

Introduction by Rady Ananda

Since the 1950s, the US, thru its Dept. of Defense, has sponsored or supported military establishments throughout South and Central America over Left-leaning, progressive governments.

WHISK (fka School of the Americas*) trains military generals who then return home and overthrow their government — like two of the Honduran generals who ousted the democratically elected president at gunpoint in June.

The US refuses to call this a military coup. Hillary Clinton called President Zelaya’s attempt to re-enter his country “reckless.” The European Union denounced the coup and cut off all aid. The US has refused to do so, and continues to send US aid to Honduras. The US funds dictatorship over election results.

What has Obama changed, exactly?  

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