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Obama refuses cooperation with Poland’s CIA ‘black site’ probe

News from Poland

The U.S. Department of Justice has rejected a request from prosecutors in Warsaw for assistance in the investigation into the alleged CIA prisons in Poland, where captives claim they were tortured. [Image: A giant billboard has appeared on Ulica Żydowska in Poznan, designed by the Abnormals.org artistic group.]

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Icelanders egg PM as global protests condemn corruption, banksters

By Rady Ananda

As proceedings begin against Iceland’s former Prime Minister, Geir Haarde, for the banking crisis of 2008, at least two thousand Icelanders took to the streets in two days of protest this weekend.  Iceland joins over a dozen other nations protesting economic measures taken out on the public while banks and large corporations receive bailouts. Class war is on, and it’s gone global.

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Poland, Russia, Gas Deals, Plane Crashes and Political Assassinations

By Brandon Dean
War on You

Rumors fly as video shows apparent plane crash survivors–including one who appears to get shot–directly after what sound exactly like gunshots.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but when a single plane crashes, killing the entire top echelon of any government, I hear air raid sirens going off in my head.  When the wiped out government happens to represent a nation about to take on the biggest business deal in its history–and the now-dead president was going to axe that deal–I do not have to be told things are not as they appear to be, at least if you watch the zionist U.S. media.

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Global Survey: 74% Critical of Neoliberal Capitalism

Sao Paolo, Brazil wealth vs poverty

By Ernesto Carmona 

A global survey commissioned by the BBC revealed that 74% of 29,000 respondents in 27 countries are critical of neoliberal capitalism. This is a reversal from a 2005 survey by the same firm, GlobeScan, which found 63% in favor of a free market. The only Latin American nations surveyed all hold free trade agreements with the US, and all reject neoliberalism by vast majorities. France and Germany believe strong regulation can cure problems with capitalism.

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