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Mass murder of activists in Honduras – (DeMint supports the coup leaders)

at-Largely by Larisa Alexandrovna

In June of last year, I watched in horror as the democracy-loving individuals on the American political right celebrated the military coup in Honduras, calling it democracy in action.

I spent a good deal of time trying to explain to these freedom-loving individuals what a military (and in this case, a “paper”) coup is, to no avail. Let freedom ring.

As with all authoritarian installed governments via a coup d’état, the human rights abuses have grown and include mass murder of activists. Freedom is on the march:

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Freedom to Fascism Star Sherry Jackson Being Denied Life Saving Medical Care in Prison

Tax protester Sherry Peel Jackson of Stone Mountain, Georgia, a former IRS Revenue Agent who was featured in Aaron Russo’s hit documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism, has served nearly two years of a four year sentence for failure to file individual tax returns. She is being denied proper medical care for hyperthyroidism, putting her life at risk of a deadly “thyroid storm.” Contact her state representative to demand proper care for her.

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