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Portland occupiers block foreclosure eviction

Another Portland Homeowner Stands Strong Against Modern Redlining

By Pete Shaw
Portland Occupier

July 28, 2012

Story and Photos by Pete Shaw

When the clock ticks past midnight into Saturday July 28th the Multnomah County Sheriff will be able to enforce an eviction notice issued by the Circuit Court of Multnomah County on the house of Annette Steele of 4022 NE 14th Avenue. But Steele, her family, her friends, and her neighbors are not planning on her going anywhere.

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Large Military Fleet Travels Via Train on US West Coast


COTO Report Exclusive

While 250 people attend the 2011 Veterans for Peace Convention at Portland State University, reports are coming in that a large movement of military equipment is traveling by rail on trains up to a mile long.

At the conference, Susan Lindauer sent in this report:

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