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Congress, Get To Work: America Needs Jobs!

By Terrance Heath May 25, 2010   OurFuture.org

“I have worked all my life.”

It’s something that’s true of many Americans, whether employed or unemployed. But it has a special resonance for Americans who have worked hard, and are wiling to work, but face a jobless recovery. These are Americans whose needs and concerns will get special attention during a jobs plenary at America’s Future Now! in Washington starting June 7.

“I have worked all my life.”

That was the phrase most often repeated by the seven citizens who testified at the “Putting America Back To Work: Direct Job Creation in Local Communities” forum, sponsored by Campaign for Community Change and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. The forum was intended to rally support for the Local Jobs For America Act (HR 4812)which would:

How Are Our Federal Tax Dollars Spent?

Denise Chow
Life’s Little Mysteries Staff Writer
Thu Apr 15, 2010

We all grumble about having to pay taxes, but few people really know how the government spends that money. Where do our tax dollars really go?

In fiscal year 2008, federal government spending reached $3 trillion, which is roughly 21 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Of that amount, more than $2.5 trillion was financed by federal tax revenues collected by the government. The remaining $459 billion was financed by government borrowing to make up for the budget deficit, which occurs when total government expenditure exceeds total tax revenue in a given year. [Graphic details spending]

Three main areas each accounted for approximately one-fifth of the budget, while two sections of spending each made up about one-tenth, and the remaining fifth of the budget was used to finance a variety of programs. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, here are the most expensive programs:

Catholic Charities Screws Over Its Employees Just to Stick It to Gays

AlterNet / By Devona Walker

Just to spite gay folks, Catholic Charities throws its straight employees under the bus.

March 3, 2010 |

Photo Credit: Sakurai Midori

The day before same-sex marriage was to become legal in the District of Columbia (Wednesday), Catholic Charities modified its personnel policies refusing to pay for the health benefits of any newly married couple it employs.

The memo, signed by the charity’s president, doesn’t explicitly mention gay marriage. Instead, he references the need to change policy due to a “change in law.”

“We sincerely regret that we have to make this change…but it is necessary to allow Catholic Charities to continue to provide essential services to the clients we serve in partnership with the District of Columbia while remaining consistent with the tenets of our religious faith,” read the memo.

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Why We’re Broke

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Designed to fail??

Obama Tries On The Uniform   Information Clearinghouse
By David Michael Green
Tens of thousands of his campaign staff, volunteers and contributors had to resort to buying a full-page New York Times ad to let the guy know that they’ll find somebody else, thank you very much, in the 2012 primaries if this clown continues to serve Wall Street while ignoring every other street in America.