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WE’RE #1, WE’RE #1! Charting American Exceptionalism

By Joe Weisenthal
Business Insider

Is America the exceptional, #1 country in the world? Of course it is!

David Morris of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance has published the truth about American exceptionalism. It turns out, the US is #1 in all sorts of ways.

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Can Our Shameful Prisons Be Reformed?

prisonnationBy David Cole

Prison nation USA is the undisputed world leader in incarceration rates and numbers. Three recent books by scholars who happen to be black men eloquently attest to the broader effects of racial disparity in our criminal justice system. The fact that calls for reform are ignored suggests the system is sustainable only because its disparate effects leave the majority off the hook.

But is the majority really off the hook? Imprisoning someone in this country costs a minimum of $20,000 a year, far more than tuition at any of our state universities. National spending on prisons and jails was $7 billion in 1980; it is $60 billion today. Several states now spend more on state prisons than state colleges. We literally cannot afford our political addiction to incarceration.

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