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What Libertarians and Progressives have in common

PressTV interview with Journalist and Blogger David DeGraw

Libertarians know and hate the Federal Reserve. They hate Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan. But they are not willing to go to the poor people who are being forced to pay for the crimes of those people that they hate because it’s a union or because there may be some Democrats involved in it.  Libertarians and progressives can find common ground, but at this point still they are refusing to step back and concede a little bit to find it. They have to come together on campaign finance and lobbying and most importantly they can come together on breaking up the banks.

Ads for Comcast and Coke on Progressive News Sites More Harmful Than You’d Think

Online media face tough financial decisions… but when it comes to accepting ads for products or companies we condemn, let’s not pretend we’re not supporting them.

By Meg White

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